6 thoughts on “Silence is Golden

  1. Elan Mudrow says:

    Cool! I enjoyed your writing! Keep it going!
    check out:

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  2. franz says:

    Can I ask something? I know it’s hard but I want a dream come true it’s for a friend…..I don’t know who i was but I think there’s something or someone deep inside my soul asking for a promise to change her name in history . It’s Elizabeth Margarven of England and her true love. Hope that it’s not too hard to ask from you. Maybe she helped me from all that obstacle. Sometimes I’ve acted on impulse which is not my character the playful side of me emerge that I don’t know existed, I think,I’ve made a mistake ,I hope my story can unravel a bit even it’s mythical for her, .


    • Yes, sure you may ask


      • franz says:

        thank you it’s all my wish maybe, I will silence myself from now on ….my values are corrupted by social media . I think i lost the girl inside of me being alone and unloved I’m change I need to find my old soul deep within. I learned the hazards it brings to human soul. Nature does heals not computer or man made machines it ruined me and my values which I treasured all my life in an instant it crumbles to the ground. I need soul searching the soul that lies in my heart sometimes need a bit of whipping. It’s an awakening that I find out through dreams . Hope you don’t mind. I will have my rest not knowing when will I blog again.


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