Rose A Day

This is a call for beauty!
A threading of the internal art,
To sew into the physical,
A bridging of the two,
Long over due!
For anyone with a pulse to become,
Moved to create!

“Create thyself, and let no one else!” – IV

I will be drawing a rose every day and posting it here.
This rose will be a form of expressing my personal growth.
I won’t be looking at anything. It will flow as I feel it should.
I will simply aim to create; exploring the eye of my mind.
It will of course be accompanied by insightful (I hope) words of mine.
I will be vulnerable. I will show to you everything one would need to tear me apart.
I think not being afraid to show vulnerability is a great strength.
It moves people. It brings them to you like a gravity of sorts.
They can feel your aura in the way you carry yourself.

I implore you to join me. Let’s bring the world something wonderful!

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