Rose A Day – 2

The resolution is to be a producer
An action taker. To be productive, until it becomes your life
For what could be more beautiful than the full  life of a rose?

Over the last few weeks I’ve taken steps to set myself up for short term wins. It’s paying off. I drew this rose this morning and I admit I was a little rushed. I was up into the late hours again, watching the night for all it might share. Of course I woke up and had to start a little fire in order to get as much as I could accomplished smoothly. The rose suffered a little. I don’t regret that though. I let it flow as my current state was. It certainly is interesting to see how my condition comes out in what I produce.

So here it is A Rose A Day. I hope you’ll join me on this and all my other journeys. Don’t be afraid to contact me. Remember you are fantastic, and you can certainly achieve your goals. You just have to start moving in their direction!

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