Rose A Day – 3

The price you pay is not for ownership,
but rather the sacrifice to appreciate such a gift.
For to possess it would destroy what it is,
and cage it from what it ought to be.



Today is a new day. Things we wanted may not have happened, but that’s okay. We should be easy in our movements this morning. I found that not having an exact plan allowed my mine to be flexible. Although this may not have created the WOW I wanted it to this day, I do believe that it is setting me up for something I haven’t even begun to conceive of yet. I could feel it within me trying to take flight. The ‘air’ was stirring. For now I will trust in my ability and let it go where it takes me.

Everything we do is a sacrifice of one thing (usually our time) for another. This sacrifice does not entitle us to anything. We never really own anything except for ourselves, and even then why not let it run free? Being possessive can be a heavy weight. All this time spent owning something, but never really letting it be what it is or deep down what it desires to become.

Join me in this journey, our journey to elsewhere. Remember to let some people who cross your path today know that they matter. Go ahead really listen to them. Let them know something positive they did that really impressed you. Enjoy!

P.S. I’m thinking of you!


One thought on “Rose A Day – 3

  1. Liz says:

    Where are you these days? I’ve hoped you were busy living the good life. Is your experiment over here? Email if u want, please don’t approve this comment for it to viewed. Thanks


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