Elevations of a Transitory Soul – 2

Some storms take us into their chaos and nurture us into what we have the potential to become. They break us open and fill us with the nourishment we desire, helping us to grow into the most beautiful of sunsets. They teach us to feel no sadness in setting. We have navigated the days and through the dark nights we will raise again. To birth a whole new twist on our hues as the grandest of sunrises.


“Your kiss is like a long line I want to be in,
Hold me closer so I can stop dreaming;
So I don’t go off the deep end” She sighed.

We’re already fallen from that cliff. They held on in the free fall.
She put her hand to his chest, he placed his hands around her waist.
And soon his face wiped the blood from hers, exchanging words with their tongues; creating new worlds with their love, that would soon combust and die to make room for the ones in both their eyes.  Their love was a phoenix born to burn a thousand times, to renew from the ash and embers of their nights, a new sight.

She said, “I want you to be right, but you always think you are.”
He breathes, “You know this is dangerous.
I can feel your heart beneath your skin.”
“It’s screaming raise me!” She yelled,
“and your hands are screaming take it,
we can’t wait. Boy you’re impatient; I want you, say it.”


One thought on “Elevations of a Transitory Soul – 2

  1. franz says:

    the phoenix ….love it.


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