A Rose A Day – 6

What a life to not be judged for your imperfections;
To be appreciated for the whole of you, me,
and together the two, I, do see.
– IV

From continued effort beauty is birthed. If we give up too soon we miss what may have been just around the bend. We all make mistakes. Everyone does. We must not continue to drive ourselves down for what we perceived as imperfect. The whole is created from the light and the dark. We can not see one without the other.

I thought when I began to color this rose earlier this morning that I had surely gone in the wrong direction. I had moved to hastily and made a mistake. I stopped for a minute and took a breath. I looked at my creation and thought, “I am not done here.” I just had to keep going.

It’s easy to forget that we are only just beginning our journey. We quickly rush ourselves off the path and assume we must be doomed. This is not the case. We must set our feet back on the path and continue on. Beautiful things lay ahead. They may be difficult or impossible to see from here, but they are there.

You can do this. Just keep your head up. Keep yourself moving, and don’t let the little mistakes hold you up!


2 thoughts on “A Rose A Day – 6

  1. isabella says:

    This is a really beautful style you have. I look forward to upcoming posts!


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