Rose A Day – 7

The truth is I feel.
It’s all so loud.
Even when I sleep
I just hear it.
The haunt, the presence,
like the sun in the day
or the winds when you’re cold.
– IV

This is rather challenging. The whole life thing.
Sometimes it seems we don’t know where we’re going. 

Some days I realize I have no idea what I’m doing.
Other days I realize I know exactly what I’m doing.

That sums it up better. It’s like something is calling out at all hours of the day. A faint whisper that if you pay close enough attention to, you can hear it say, “Come find me.” So what do we do to go after it? Well you have to decide what it is you’re going after! You probably have a good idea of what it is. You can find it. I know you can. It’s just a matter of time and persistence. Continue to work your craft and in good time you’ll have found the source of that whisper.

Today the rose really got me. I don’t know where I’m taking it. I don’t have a plan for this creative endeavor. I just know that in the days to come it will become what I’m working towards. I just keep pushing onward, and feeling new steps. It’s a process. It’s beautiful.

We’re all unique. We’re all becoming. We’re all important. We all matter! So go ahead and enjoy this day. Another one is on its way, and you are going to meet it like the river empties into the sea. You will give all you have to it. That’s how we grow. Don’t hold back. Go for that walk or jog, write what you’re feeling, draw what you see, sing out those notes, try that new recipe! Do it for you.

You know what the whisper is right? 😉

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