Rose A Day – 8

You can find anything you want,
if that’s what you want to see.

At times it feels hard to say exactly what we’re looking for in life. Isn’t it so simple though? Don’t we just want to be happy? At the root of it all isn’t that’s what we’re  after?

Happiness. Why can’t we just be happy? Happiness is not an elusive stag. It can at times seem that way when it appears to flee from us at an accelerating rate as we increase the hunt. This seems true when we have tied our happiness to something outside of ourselves.

Must certain needs be met for us to be our happiest? To a degree yes. Can you achieve those things without all the money in the world? Absolutely. So what’s holding us back from being happy? Are you looking in the right place? Have you looked to yourself lately?

Today I went back to something familiar when drawing. I saw what I wanted to see. I took a step back from the hunt of the elusive stag, and instead took refuge in a beautiful calm field. I then opened the doors to my own temple and stepped inside for a bit. Although all these other things were calling me, I shut them out. If they are truly for me then they will wait. Perhaps in time when I’ve halted tirelessly hunting, the stag will come to me out of curiosity.

Happiness doesn’t need to be caught, just recognized.

Let’s notice some positives today. Let’s stop hunting for a bit and try a different approach. It may help us to find some peace at last. I know I say it a lot, but you’re awesome. Seriously think about how cool you are. A human on planet Earth! The sky above you is calling, just go look at it. Shake it up a bit. You’ve got magic in you.





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