Rose A Day – 9

Never let beauty exit your life;
Simply know that it’s place is not next to you,
And your perspective will rise.
– IV

I didn’t have much time to write something earlier today. I hope this message doesn’t come too late!
We’ve all had things that have come into our days and made them brighter than the sun ever could . As soon as they arrive these beacons can move away, and it can be difficult. Especially when we had such high hopes that we’d swim forever in the warm glow.

These are not dark times. This is when we should recognize the purpose of such beacons. They came not to give us their light so that we could hold it, but so that we might increase ours and be beacons ourselves. It’s a lesson in fulfillment. You can’t hold light. So why try and meet frustration? It has places to go, and so do you!

Rise up! You have things to give to the world and thus to yourself! Just keep working at it.


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