Rose A Day – 10

I’d say that I could give to you all the sky’s domain,
but that would be of poor principle on my part.
For if one were to be given every thing for free,
What joy could be crafted when already assembled.
– IV

The world is loaded with infinite potential for us to dive into. It’s literally begging us to tap into it and express ourselves. It doesn’t come without some a lot of effort! There is no short cut! There is no quick fix. All good things is time because if you don’t take the time, and rush to the end what have you got? You missed the entire unraveling of the beautiful tapestry of life. Slow down. Watch it glimmer in the light. Don’t ask for the sky. Don’t ask for the moon or the stars. Reach for them. Build your ladder up to them. Don’t fear your heights. You are the tallest peak in your life! Now get to climbing my friend.

My days are busy. I find myself trying to rush the things that bring me joy. This evening the rose told me to slow down. It told me it will wait for me to come and find it. I opened my lungs to a deep breath and took in some calm. I listened for it as its whispers called to me. I felt it grow forth my hand. Pouring from my mind onto the page as I tapped into the potential of life.

Go ahead. Practice listening to the potential in life around you. If that means smiling into the eyes of a few strangers tomorrow then be sure and do that! You never know the magic you might awaken in another with just a brush of positive energy. You have all this good latent inside of you. Breathe in deep to nourish it! Express that potential. It might feel awkward at first, but don’t worry about it. You’ll look back and laugh soon enough. I believe in you, and our ability to become better each day we rise. What a journey we are on together 🙂


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