Rose A Day – 11

I’m happy we get the opportunity to bloom
after such a cold harsh winter;
It was dark, but life prevailed
and love always keeps life warm.
– IV

Trust that mighty waves will wash over you time and time again. You must be prepared to weather the storm. Our journeys are not always easy. Sometimes it requires all our will to take that next step. We must not shrink in face of difficulty. We must continue forward and do what it takes to reach our goals. It’s okay to get beaten down every now and then, but don’t let it steal all your warmth. A harsh winter is only a contrast to compare with the great spring to follow.

Just know that there is always warmth in the cold. There is always love to keep life lit. Love your craft. Put your soul into what you do, and light your temple. You can keep it as bright as you choose! It’s okay to dim the lights down every now and again too 😉

Look at this beautiful rose that bloomed from me today! It put a smile on my face and really made me think… The possibilities are endless. Remember to focus on the positives of this day. What did you do well? Always the positives. Let’s have an excellent energy tomorrow. Let’s make the world a beautiful place!


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