Rose A Day – 12

We Start life over and over again,
Our last is our first,
The end is our start.

Did you ever want it to mean more?
What could be
as beautiful as this?
– IV

The only thing as beautiful is your enjoyment of the process. Your living day in and day out. Moment to moment remembering you are on your way. The journey takes place in your mind as much as it does by foot. If you take each part of the journey as an end to the previous one, and the start to a brand new one then  you can constantly be reinvigorated with a fresh perspective.

All you can ask is, “Did I give it my best today?” Your best now isn’t the absolute best of tomorrow. It is the best for today. You can’t expect to be as good at the ‘start’ as you will be at the ‘end’ …  That would be ridiculous!

Keep working towards your peak! It might seem unobtainable, but that’s only because every step you climb higher, the peak grows taller. Your best is always improving. Never stop rising towards it. Enjoy the rest of your climb today. Remember all expeditions have their periods of rest too! So absolutely feel free to enjoy the sights of your elevations. Just don’t get too comfortable 🙂


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