Rose A Day -13

I did forget my sun, my light,
for closed eyes, and claimed night!
When thy winds blew I shut my mind,
To hear nothing, I claimed silence!
I burned my home and said I was cold,
To feel something, I neglected thy warmth.
– IV

Always remember to take a step back and check that your actions are aligning with your thoughts. If there is a disconnect between the two it will only create a great divide. You can actually believe you are living one way, and be completely opposite without even realizing it. The mind and body are powerful, but it significantly decreases their effectiveness when they are not working in unison.

It’s important to step back time and again to make certain we have our thoughts and actions aligned. It’s like checking to see if you are going towards the north star on an expedition only to find out you had been mistakenly using some other astral body. If you had stopped for a minute to observe, you would have noticed your eye on the wrong star!

Make sure you are aligned, and then once you are, continue to trek. You are capable of this. Mistakes are okay. So what if you were going the opposite direction for a little bit. The key take away is that you are now going in the correct direction. Now you’ll have a good story to tell later on.

Let your art evolve. Let yourself grow into the craft. Grow into you! Become what you’ve always felt. It takes time. You’re on the way. You’re taking those important steps. What you are doing matters. Enjoy this beautiful day because you deserve it.


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