Rose A Day – 14

It is both exhausting and humbling,
to discover how we can be both
the greatest fool and wisest of wizard
All in the thin threads of one human life,
even in one moment to the next.
– IV

In our lives we are actively changing. Every time we go out and door. Even before we go out the door! All this change can be tiring. It often times is! Look around and ask yourself, “How many people do I know that can handle big changes with ease?” Then look to yourself! How well do you handle change? What about when that change is a new perspective that lands the old you on its ass? Take the winds right out from your sails. What do you do now? How do you manage? Do you let it set you back?

Let those moments humble you to the grand awe of the universe. They are the moments in which you can achieve the greatest of growth.

In the greatest of turmoil the strongest will to grow conquers. The wizard lets these moments of change humble him. Becoming thankful for the opportunity to see what once was hidden. The fool ignores it all and laughs on the way towards repeating the error.

Keep exploring this wild journey we are all on. Keep taking the time to be thankful for change. Meet it with a willing soul! You will not be dissatisfied with the ending result. I know change can be is hard. This is especially true when we’ve found the way we were was not what we thought or wanted. Be glad you now know! What happens next depends on you. Don’t be the fool forever. Keep your head up and align with what you seek. Then just keep taking the steps 🙂


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