Rose A Day – 15

I am the frost, you the thaw
These are our hearts;
I will make a summer and a home.
– IV

The world never relents. If you get too comfortable it will cover you in dust. You have to work to build what you want. It doesn’t just come to you. You must take what you have and work with what you can gather. If you want to be live in the the warmth of an endless summer you must go out and create it.

This is a great worry to some. We often look to others, and see what we lack. We do this instead of seeing what we have! What a grave mistake to go around lacking when the truth is you’ve been so blessed.

Try this. Look for what you did well today. What did you do right? Then how can you do better? Don’t look to how you failed and get down about it. Tomorrow is a new day to do better and improve. Are you going to look at it in a positive light? If you make it a point to do so! Create the beauty. Bring on your summer!


One thought on “Rose A Day – 15

  1. franz says:

    thanks I’ll try to be sunny and have a bright outlook in my writing. Reading your blogs helps sweep the cobwebs in my system. Go to read blogs like this .


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