Rose A Day – 17

On this night, in this light,
Perhaps you will be right
Be strong, this is your life.
– IV

Sometimes we cut it close. Sometimes we barely make it. Not because of any lack of preparation, but because that’s the way the numbers went. We can’t control everything. There is no shred of hope for maintaining complete control over our lives. All you can do is be strong and certain that you are not going to give in. This means that every day you wake up, you are going to show up. You are going to put in the effort. You are going to do what it takes. That’s just who you are. A hungry soul looking to grow.

Time is rarely in our favor. It always seems to be pushing against or running out on us. It doesn’t matter. You need to give the best effort you can each and every go. The conditions will never be ideal. Don’t wait for them to be. It’s no a sign. It’s just a chance. You’re better off preparing and working towards what you want than waiting around for luck to drop in.

So go ahead get out there, and put in the effort towards your goals. Raise your head each day hungry to meet the sun. You can create whatever you set out to make. That’s the beauty of effort. Little by little. A determined will can accomplish any task. You’ve got to want it though. You’ve got to choose the strong choice. The one that will ask the most of you. That’s the only path you should follow.

I apologize this was late. I’ve been falling behind, but I won’t let that stop me from producing beauty. Enjoy your night. For those of you starting out on your journey, I believe in you! You’re awesome. Enjoy your night.


3 thoughts on “Rose A Day – 17

  1. Canyoufeelit says:

    This is another beautiful rose. Thank you.


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