Well Where Will You Reach

To be taken away upon the clouds,
To reach into the soul, one look,
One moment, one breath at a time.

Don’t we all just want to dream,
that someday our fires will reach
the golden shores of elsewhere,

And upon those shores we’ll grip
The ecstasy that we can see,
In the beauty of the rolling seas.

Or in the beauty of you and me.
One released breath after another
One moment seized after
releasing the other.

What more does a soul want?
What more than pleasant thought?
With which to chart a course!

Onward and upward without fear!
We walk mind in mind, clear;
To the highest peaks of elsewhere!

Patience we must channel thought,
For if there is to be a perfect moment,
It will come from hard fought life.

Only courage will find this awing land,
As it will take dirty bruised hands.
To climb from the bottom and stand,

At the precipice, hand in hand,
In grand moment of successful sigh,
And gaze lasting for a lifetime.

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