Rose A Day – 19

There are those who can touch from a distance,
A smile, laughs that echo through time, warmth.
Unseen their motions across the Earth’s surface,
Nudge us gentle, like the moon does the waves
– IV

You’ve done it again. Given life to this planet in some way. Without you, it can’t live to its fullest. That’s right. You are a part of the wondrous growth, and beauty of this entire world. You make up part of it just as much as anyone and everything else. Isn’t that just the coolest thing? I know it puts a smile on my face!

Oh where will we take this road? Where will you decide to go? A few more steps today, a few more steps tomorrow. Soon you will be looking back and thinking, “Look how far I’ve traveled.” What did you create today? Is there anything you really want to do again tomorrow? Something you did really well? Look for those positives. What did you do right? Build with that. Small successes. Every day is a new beginning!

It’s going to get interesting to see where I take the rose. Each is a step in my journey. I smile and feel great spilling out what I feel. I know I can’t see way ahead of me, but I don’t need to because the point I’m at now is everything. The beauty is everywhere, appreciate it, and appreciate yourself!


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