Rose A Day – 20

Pull from me whatever you wish to see,
we will come to the pinnacle in time,
to look down and see us from the start,
longing to find the end we are.
– IV

That’s the call of the rose. It’s simple. It’s mental. You can see whatever you want. You can close your eyes and create anything. It’s magic. It’s really incredible. You have the ability to think up anything you’d like. It’s an awesome gift. However, to become whatever we see is not a freely given gift. We must work to bring it into reality! As the rose says, you have to ‘pull’ from it whatever you wish to see. In time, with effort, you will reach the pinnacle.

You are the rose, the rose is you. Answer the call. Create. Be your own beacon. Grow into the beauty that you are. Every day is an opportunity to grow in some way. Fill this earth with all the beauty you can! What do you want to pull from the rose? What sight will you see? Will you commit to making it your reality?

Remember, you are the hero of this journey. No one else. You are the hero.

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