Rose A Day – 21

Feed the fire, for it has started,
and extinguished it can not be,
so long as you feed the fire.

Within us is a fire that needs only our desire to grow and create to burn. Such a desire is inherent in each of us, thus this fire can never go out. It has been burning, at some intensity, for your entire life. If you want it to grow, you must feed it. You must fan the fire of your soul with the breath of your efforts. Don’t fear this fire, it does no harm. It does not consume. It provides warmth. It nourishes everything it comes in contact with! Spread the fire of your soul. Show others the heart it takes to forge ahead. You are your ultimate craft. Become you, no one else may! Nothing feels better than being entirely and unapologetically you.

Are you going to starve the fire? You can feed your physical all you want, but if you don’t fan the spark you will always feel unsatisfied. A slight chill you can’t quite explain will linger about your bones. No matter how much physical warmth you pile on, you will never cast it out. So fan that fire!* Not too much at once though! All the best things are accomplished one step at a time. You wouldn’t want the fire to rage out of control because you gave it too much to start out. You can also put it out if you are too forceful. Find the right balance. That’s key to this whole fanning and growing of the fire. Appreciate the process.

Enjoy another beautiful day. Enjoy all the beautiful moments that will make it up. Don’t forget what you are capable of. You’re awesome, so stop making excuses.

*Hint* Your MIND is the fan.

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