Rose A Day – 23

Words need not be said,
When the heart feels,
Intuitive design planned,
to take leaps,
and crush bounds
– IV

You know what is best. You know the right choice for your own growth. It is usually the thing you don’t want to do because it requires facing the mirror. It requires accepting that you have to change. This is hard. Most remain forever in flux around this point once they have reached it. They stagnate. They do themselves a huge disservice by holding back from becoming their best.

Go ahead and trust what is in the mirror. Take that feeling, and take the leap of faith. You have all the reason to believe in yourself. You were born to become great. You have it in you to overcome all the obstacles in your path.

Take some time to think about the positives of today. What did you do well? Always the positives. It takes time and commitment. Constant effort. Keep it up. Hone your craft, create your art, raise yourself higher.

Stay beautiful, you’re so cool.



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