Rose A Day – 25

When you come to know that you are everything,
You can in turn have everything in your palm.
– IV

It’s interesting to think that you are a piece of the universe on it’s own journey. You are literally as important as everything else that exists. You matter. You literally are matter too! Everything is made up of the same building blocks more or less. What sets us apart, what determines how bright we shine, is how we act, how we create, how we give! More importantly is how we perceive ourselves. If you see yourself as worthy of life, of love, then you will in turn give so much more to yourself, and naturally to those around you.

You are the universe. You are you. Amazing and capable. Full of potential. It’s all waiting to pour from your soul, and flow from your mind. Get out there and create for yourself the beautiful world that awaits. This beauty is in every stretch of your existence. It runs through your veins thicker than the blood within them.

Don’t deny yourself the imago dei. Your soul is calling. Your connection to the universe draws like gravity. It’s all in your palm. Just like the rose, it is all contained in how you perceive that which is around you, and how you pull from it whatever you wish to see. Choose beauty. Choose your art. Choose you.

Lovely as always and strong as the Sun’s rays. That’s you.

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