Rose A Day – 26

As in nature,
so it is in life,
we create,
our own shadows.
– IV

When you look at your physical shadow, it is you that casts it. You tower high, and upon the ground you lay a darkness. It is inevitable. You can’t escape it. The shadow without. We learn early on that it is part of us. We even play with the shadows as children. Since the physical shadow can’t be hidden and by default is visible to all, it is intuitively understood by everyone.

There is indeed another shadow that is part of us that doesn’t get the attention it needs. The shadow within. The dark corners of our consciousness we often neglect.  It is something many hide their entire lives. There is so much to learn about ourselves in these places. When we stop fearing what we might find, when we start to embrace the dark and merge it with our light in healthy avenues, we expand our perspective. We stop running and start learning to paint with all the hues possible.

This journey we’re on is not all flat leveled terrain. There will be times when you look up to see the sun upon the horizon only to find you can’t see the light. You might will find yourself lost in the dark.. This isn’t reason to be afraid. Remember that you indeed are your own light. You are responsible for what you see, what you feel, and the beauty you create. Take a look at the rose. Without the shadows it falls of what it could be. Without the shades it isn’t what it could become. Just like YOU, the whole is GREATER than the sum of the parts! You can do so much more if you embrace all of you, and know all of you!

Continue to make the effort to travel far and wide, but remember somethings we seek are right under our noses. You can do this. What’d you do well today? Look for the positives. You’re a beautiful spiral galaxy, take the time to investigate all you have to offer.

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