Rose A Day – 28

Every act you take is a chance for art in some way,
to breathe and exhale through your very essence.
– IV

I hope you’ve been breathing lately. Exhaling too! Any time you act it is a chance for art to seethe out of you, to spill from your mind to reality, and flow into the world around you. This is where seeing the beauty comes into play. You are creating your greatest masterpiece with each breath. What is it? Yourself!

You are a wondrous work of art. A magnificent work capable of weathering a harsher storm than your typical piece. You are the creative process. You are imagination. You are mind. It all pours from you. The process in which you act is the art of yourself. How are you painting your life?  Remember to choose your hues wisely. You either paint the beauty or you paint the chaos. Take careful consideration in this. I like to use a little dash of chaos every so often, but you have to make that decision. You’re very important. Such an important piece of art deserves the greatest attention, and APPRECIATION!

Where are you heading on your journey? It’s okay not to be sure. That’s what is great about being a dynamic work of art ;). You can change. You can go another way. Mixed media anyone? Find the beauty in everything. Look for the positives, look to grow, and keep the cool.

5 thoughts on “Rose A Day – 28

  1. franz says:

    wow…it’s beautiful your masterpieces sad that I just read it now but I love it. It feels like your talking directly to me teaching me how to grow.

    Liked by 1 person

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