To Grow A Home

She’s started to exhale,
and there’s a tiny whisper
of a story that holds hope;
I might be exhumed
from her nightmares.

I meant only to go as far as needed,
and find a grander garden for us to live in.
I didn’t know how to speak this to you
other than,
“Just hold on,
I don’t know a band of horses ready for a funeral.”

My thumbs weren’t quite green,
so I didn’t yet know the nuances of caring for Lilium,
for succulents, for tulips, for lotus flower bombs,
your irises, with all your morning glories, all my cosmos.

Too late a new dawn was drawn
before I learned the secret garden wasn’t something found.
Our roots already knew what I know now.

Dream catchers, this is no requiem,
there is life, let me through.
I’m planting sweet dreams
in hopes they catch her tooth.
This time perennials because I’d like
to spend more seasons knowing you.

I Can Never Drink Enough

I have known, but known is a drop in the ocean of you.
You are vastly more than my younger,
and still young self, could ever comprehend in this life.
Yes, I drank from the foot of your fountain.
Only after the drought, did I learn of my parched lips.
Even if my lap was monstrous as Saturn,
An eternity would not be enough to take all of you in.
I offer that I know nothing of your light,
Apart from that it shines, and I look for it in the nights.
Give me nothing, I am owed nothing.
You again are everything, fiery, breath, tears, and bed.

All I want is nothing more.
Is that too much to ask for?

Just to Reiterate: Lessons Learned

Remember to align your thoughts with your actions. Step back and make sure you’re following the ‘right’ star. This is a lifelong voyage, and where you end up is on your shoulders. Listen to people actively. Listen to understand, not to respond. Show them you’ve listened. Remain chill. It’s a blessing to keep your calm. Don’t repeat your mistakes. Remember the lessons you’ve learned. Do everything you can in a day, but don’t expect to be perfect. You’ll improve. Be kind. You deserve it. Give yourself to others, but don’t give yourself away. Always look for what isn’t there. Look for what you did well, always the positives. Remind the good people in your life that you think of them. Try to help someone each day, even if all you can give at the time is a smile. The things that are difficult will pass. Keep your head up. Stay smiling. Stay in motion. Look to grow. Stay learning. Take a deep breath. Laugh it off. We’re all going to make it. Don’t forget how people looked out for you along the way. Be true to what you feel inside. Don’t deceive the honest. Show your heart. Express your soul. Create. Give life to this world! Restore your faith in humanity by way of your own deeds. You make it up just as much as anyone else. Conquer your fears, love yourself – you’re beautiful… You see what you pull out, so find the beauty.

VI IV – The Waiting

2 November 2014

Drawing by VI
Writing by IV

I’d been looking out windows for ages now.
Seeing all the busy lives flying by, meaning
nothing to my nerves, my heart could care
less about beating for all that noise.

What am I even looking for? He laughed,
“Acting like I don’t remember who.” I know
precisely each value of the shades of her lips.
I can see them with eyes shut, as if they were
pressed to mine in one of those ‘You’re just
the taste I like’ kisses. With sensuous fingers
creating art upon me as her nails nibble my
back, she’d sigh one of those, “Well aren’t
you just a wise king”

She illuminated the labyrinth of my mind in
such a way I could find her on the other side
without making it too simplistic. Stepping
outside, a soft wind grazed his face. He
stared into it as if he could see her. With eyes
that could use a bite to eat, he pursed his lips
to let out the name Leanna into the breeze.
Maybe she’ll hear that. I know she hears me.

I bet you think I’m thinking about you.
I mean I am, but not like he thinks.
At least he has a good face, he’d lose himself
if he couldn’t enjoy looking at that face of his.

He has that look though. His eyes hold me
like if I left, he’d be without the Sun. She took
several deep breaths, “He makes you feel like
the Sun! Do you know what it’s like to be as
monumental as the Sun?” “I am the fucking
Sun,” she spoke into the mirror. That’s the
intensity that he can’t consume enough of.
I just keep picturing two stars colliding in
such a hot blaze of destruction.

All that remained after the intense pressure
of the night were two diamonds.
Him and me. I’m a little more refined.
His roughness was the thing I liked though.
It’s an art for a diamond to cut a diamond after all.

The Waiting. A Special art collaboration project. If you find this intriguing… Be sure to follow the story as it unfolds …

Rose A Day – 30

I smeared this with a butter knife.
It was all I had to get the job done.

I don’t remember what the hell I wrote.
but I’ve still got more to do
Before I’m satisfied with it.

Was last night high enough for you?
Don’t lie to yourself it doesn’t work.

You can’t expect to deliver everyday of your life. Can you tell the future? No, no you can’t because it hasn’t happened yet. There are going to be days or strings of days where you need to do something entirely different… Life changes. The river flows through all kinds of bends, ups, and downs. You will find that being open to these changes is the best way to be in your journey. Stay true to you, but be willing accept the dynamic experiences you will encounter along the way. You can’t control the currents 😉 only how you approach, and flow in them.

This was an entirely new experience for me. I didn’t have the best tools to get the definition I was looking for. I even tried bending the knife to a more acceptable shape. It only helped a bit. Regardless I am happy with where it is at this point.

I hope you haven’t waned in your efforts to become along your journey towards yourself! Where I am is not where I will be, but it’s not bad at all. I can only speak for myself when I say that I have a long way to go, but slow progress is progress.

Let’s find our calm in the storm…