Silence Won’t You Tell Me

Silence says she loves me, in some twist of the concept, silence says be gentle with my heart, be smooth with your touch, and joyous in the lift of your lips, to allow gaze upon such bright star, a beam worth sharing. My mind at ease in the silence, I feel no weight, and am touched by its’ kindness, for it does not judge, and understands the flow of love through its’ opened veins,
I do wonder though was it worth to break the silence, for one moment of naive gratification.
Oh foolish me – I do know my courage would take me to any precipice if there be a way, and this moment it seems it does not take me to the height I dreamed, only to fall silent in its winding down, of a wild goose chase – This was my place to find. This moment of reflection. I do look out across the cosmos through my silence, into the flows – simple webs of fate.
I find we do ever change, crossing paths over and under every which way, we influence the silence in how we position our selves to hear it; from a far or to the closest possible step. Oh what am I saying to you, who does not speak. Only with time do we know where you will interfere, and in your wake we slumber – closing eyes to the most beautiful piece; a heart that beats for nothing in return.
A heart that does beat till it ceases to do so, but an echo that travels till it is picked up again, in the silence by all those who listen. I assure you… out there I am listening, to my own beat in some dark room, upon some shaded grass, upon the whistling winds across the swept plains, and in the morning dew beading down your favorite fruit. I hear you.
That alone is enough to carry me through these lives with ears tuned for listening, and eyes wide for reading. Oh eyes for reading! Eyes for reading all that we have never spoken – because with open eyes the world is one giant collection of unfinished books. Collections I’d be damn proud to share, if there were another willing to feel how I do about you silence. Silent, silently you hold my hand, and this is the only story that has ever been. Laying in the silence – I am.


I’m bad, but you know I’m well

It will be okay; We all live uniquely rewarding lives.
Don’t be worrying about where my ship will sail to.
I won’t look for lighthouses, I will be my own guide
I learned this from observing you’re luminescence.
And I know you’ve looked up at the moon and felt.
I know you’ve gazed up in awe before, wondering,
If you could be that bright, and alluring in the night.
You know this answer better than all who breathe.
You’ve told me yourself about a dozen or so times.
Each time you held me, I yearned to know, to see.
Like a god without breath taking in the entire sea.
All I had to do was open my eyes; feel the breeze.
Open my mouth; kiss the air flow from your leaves
I just didn’t understand, I was a silly transitory man