I’m bad, but you know I’m well

It will be okay; We all live uniquely rewarding lives.
Don’t be worrying about where my ship will sail to.
I won’t look for lighthouses, I will be my own guide
I learned this from observing you’re luminescence.
And I know you’ve looked up at the moon and felt.
I know you’ve gazed up in awe before, wondering,
If you could be that bright, and alluring in the night.
You know this answer better than all who breathe.
You’ve told me yourself about a dozen or so times.
Each time you held me, I yearned to know, to see.
Like a god without breath taking in the entire sea.
All I had to do was open my eyes; feel the breeze.
Open my mouth; kiss the air flow from your leaves
I just didn’t understand, I was a silly transitory man

One thought on “I’m bad, but you know I’m well

  1. Liz says:

    As always I can feel it, every word. The right person, will be able to see the wealth within their partner.


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