You Can Find Yourself With A Lot Of Time – You Lose Yourself In A Fraction

It frightens me what words can do. I forget where I’ve been. I forget the things I’ve tasted and reasons I’ve bled. I nearly forget who I am; not entirely who I’ve been. It’s wild how many places we’ve seen. The faces I can go back to, and lose myself for an entire night without getting through an eighth – That’s time travel in the only direction it goes.

You have to remember to return; To come back. If you fail to look in the mirror… You lose it – Until you find it again.
– IV

How long has it been? No, I don’t mean since you last looked at the clock.
I want to know how long it has been since you’ve last noticed yourself.
Don’t you know? You are worth realizing; worth sifting from the river’s flow.
We may not be a price one puts on gold, but what is something you can price, other than an item for sale.
You are not bought. You’re discovered. You’re earned. You’re built. You’re realized.


What’s A Curse Without A Kiss

I would have swallowed every last word of mine, never to speak again, had it meant that I could hear your voice; your words cradled within my ears. Pursed upon your lips: a kiss so sweet that even the gods would beg for a taste! A sliver of your mind and Tantalus would die knowing that he could not reach for a thought more beautiful than you. Alas I am cursed, for I held you, and your warmth no longer touches my cheek. But a smile you still do put upon my face for I did hold you, and I did show you my heart – And I do believe that I did hold yours for a time as well.

Because Sometimes Breathlessness Is All [Even] I Have For Words

When the sun shines eternal you can not avoid its light,
You smile and it glistens off your eyes,
Hands running your thighs,
We count time,
Where we both wonder if there is anything out beyond,
What is felt, in these lives,

We move like the practiced dancer
and know that this is how she felt,
O’ move like the fleet of swallows,
This is the tempest,
We storm the stars and they open their arms to us,

Gasping O’ we come down from there,
To a bed of golden fields below their sweet shades,
we find the edge and I say jump!
Nothing should we fear.

I Command My Lions

Foolishly I’d posture my chest before a thousand lions to impress you; even after you tell me that all I need do is hold you. This I do – like the night sky frames the stars, As a child’s eyes mesmerized by sunrise skies soon to be sets. I hold you, but it seems shorter than I do most breaths

Come a little closer baby, put your breath into my chest; I’ll press my lips to your forehead, exhaling, “this is my heaven.” These moment where at the surface not much is stirring, but without the breakwaters of your touch my boat would find the waves rougher.

Upon the shore once more, and I am still the fool for those lions would tear my flesh! When all you have to do is wave your hand and at your feet they would lay; I should remain quiet and stand tall until they rise with me
– IV

There Was Nothing Left – That’s Something Though

If you want what scares me, the most perplexing thing for me; I don’t know why I got up. I was laying there – I’m the flickering light of my broken lamp, and I had giving up on my mind. Of course it wasn’t the end, but I had already done so much… It was an end. I felt like it would have been alright.

I felt almost nothing; you can always feel the void. Strangely something begged me rise. I don’t think I did this for me. There was ice, and stillness. Underneath seemed so alluring, mocking me, for it had piece of what I didn’t yet know. I had the last laugh – in the end I would know; when I felt like I had gone well and far.
– IV

I’m happy we get the opportunity to bloom
after such a cold harsh winter;
It was dark, but life prevailed
and love always keeps life warm.

The Only Thing Louder Than A Whisper

I forget. I’m often in a trance. You are somewhere. I hear you. Is it not great to be loud? Yes you are very loud. Your face can not whisper to me. It is impossible for your smile to talk quietly. You have always been of incredible volume speaking true across the ages – You are louder than I’ve ever felt you as I get closer and closer. Looking into the eyes of the nights I don’t wonder which steps to take; you are on your way. You’ve got the power, the storm, by its’ reigns – In fact I think I love you.
– IV

To go one way or the other all it takes is a few thoughts;
Remember that when you’re thinking all negative and shit

You Are The Goddess – I Will Be What I Can

You are the goddess of your calm and storm.
You deserve the world gilded:
yet you don’t want the treasure
for you possess more in value; it’s all within you!
Great spirit, greater than all the tyrants of history
have ever thieved from their own

That is to say, goddess you are a giver.
You will give until the infinite river runs dry,
and that is eternal for your nature will never lie.
– IV

Yeah maybe you’ll never see her again, but let me ask you this…
When life gets busy how often do you remember to look up at the sky?
How often are you reminded that you are a part of it all? Exactly.
You forget, and just as easily as the stars fade from your sight;
So does this.

Always though, regardless of how long it takes, we come back to the stars.
We look up at some point and think, “Damn, sure is beautiful.”
You don’t cry because you look up at the stars. You smile.
You smile hard. Then you go back to living. It’s beautiful – We’re always the stars.