I’ve Always Had A Thing For Being Enveloped

I can think of no better metaphor for the reality of this life we explore than a shower. Consider it. You rise early in the morning or perhaps it is after an exhaustive day; you find yourself standing in the warm embracing touch of thousands of water droplets. You close your eyes to see your mind chase its’ thoughts and your dreams. Maybe you’re thinking of all the things you’ll do from here on out.

Maybe you have quieted all the distractions. Yourself in harmony, at peace. Then without warning you are slammed with calamity. Your body has registered it before you even know; you gasp for air and tense up. The water has unexpectedly turned ice cold. That’s life. You never see it coming. There is rarely warning. As swiftly as it took place things return to calm – as long as you keep breathing, and focus.
– IV

Is this not a sacred act. To live, and have meant it?


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