It Doesn’t Stop at the Word

So how much do you love you? Can you tell me without saying the words ‘a lot’ , ‘tons’ or ‘plenty’? I don’t think enough people take this loving of self beyond the word. It doesn’t end at saying, “I love me”. That’s an important step, but it has to go further – the seed must be carried from beneath the shade of the tree.

It’s in the way you wake up; bright eyed and excited to see the sun. It’s what you do to set yourself up for small and big successes. The thoughts you contemplate to lift your mind state. The actions you take towards your goals, the dreams you strive for, the effort put in each moment, and the rest you give yourself when a break is needed. Most importantly, it’s the patience you practice with yourself.

Loving you is not a destination, and treating it as such does not arrive to dropped chores and open arms. It’s an open mouthed kiss, you must utilize knowledge of the other to place it correctly – So notice yourself; Take the scenic route.
– IV

It really doesn’t stop anywhere. Oh does it? Point me to this point of stop and I’ll show you the one beyond it.


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