I Don’t Mind Some Breathlessness

I want to find her in a snowstorm.In a blizzard. In the cold so raw an innocent kiss would seal our lips; In warmth so kind it would thaw the threads of space.

In fog so thick I can’t see my hand in front of my face, In the palm I hold closely as we motivate each other through the troubles

In storm so true it cracks one in two and in the chaos ensued mends two together recycled new

In conversation so deep it goes further down than Mariana’s Trench – Okay not that far, but below surface level – In the echoes of a heartbeat the gods keep seeking

In silence so soothing, people would confuse it for classical Mozart; like excitement – you can’t name the best part.

In laughter so loud – You’d swear it is was back in black by AC/DC

In smiles so sweet – You’d swear you were eating birthday cake.

In that half awake, half dreaming sleep state – Loft music, the weeknd

Like where am I even; Does it matter? – No ones leaving

That’s where I want to find the love of my life; In all the time I’ve long let live, in the blossoms blooming beyond the walls within.
– IV

Chest deep in each other,
we found eruptions in each other,
tore the sky asunder,
and all we had to drink was one another

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