Navigating Life is a Balance; An Art of the Heart and Mind

I just want to remind all of us to live fully the beautiful balance of the calm and the storm. If we only quickly glance at it we’ll surely miss. To do that I must remind us all of the tragedies we live, for with the calm and storm comes the rise and fall of the oceans. No matter how talented we become at navigating the currents or telling the sky’s signs; We will never be able to avoid the full circle of life – The nature of cycles

It’s a one way trip full of ebbs and flows towards and away from what we want; often by choice, and at times by circumstances. It is no easy thing to be mindful of this, nor to live fully. We will many times lose things, making us feel incomplete – even dead. This may be daunting, but remember you can not avoid the full circle of life. You must rise again, over and over. But to do this with more control of our self is the reason I want to remind us all. In the difficulty we often live by moment to the next, looking back or forward. We get attached to it all. Despite our reflections we forget to wake up, to step back, and integrate everything we’ve come across on the seas.

That’s what I want to say. Step back and look around. I mean really look. See what you have to offer others, and give to them. Not for what you think you can receive from them, but because we all deserve to give our unique combination of light and dark to the world. We are the hues that paint this world’s beauty!

Look around at all of you. Starting with your self and then the others. Although we are on our own, we are never alone. We are all here together, in this life together. As much as we have to offer ourselves, we have to offer one another. That is the supreme joy in life; To need only ourselves, but be driven by a desire, a fire, to give to others what we give ourselves.

One final note I want to add. Don’t take any of it for granted. Don’t take anyone for granted. Give them space if they need it. Give yourself space. Be understanding. Be compassionate. Learn to use your heart when it is easier to use your mind, and your mind when it is easier to use your heart. Navigate this relationship between heart and mind, – you will traverse the waters, not with ease, but with insatiable curiosity.
– IV

I’ve still got a lot to do, I won’t stop until…
Matter of fact I’ll never stop what I do,
Even once I’ve made it _____ to ____.


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