On Being Alive – Just Another Question

Of course there are things we’d all like;
Things we would love to see or know.
Of this there is no doubt, but why?
Beyond what grand life we already have,
Isn’t the gift of the five senses enough?
You take on more and more in your ship!
The pursuit of stuff to what ends?
Is this the truth of what propels us?
I don’t want to find that it is ignorance,
Nor greed that compels us to achieve.
I want it to be the courage to shine;
The desire to bring happiness forth.
The brilliance to combine the contrasts
between dark and bright into beauty.
I want us to be magic, burning reason
compelled by vision to become great.
And I can only look to my own self.
Maybe it is courage to seek this,
Filling of my chest with determination.
An object in motion tends to stay so,
Wondering  what throws me from rest.
Knowing I’m never truly at a stop,
Down an alley I walk peering into the dark
– IV

Do I see a star that calls me to my mark
Do I climb for the thrill or to an ends?

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