If I Could Save One Book From The Destruction of The Library At Alexandria It’d Be You

There are plenty of books I’ve always wanted to read.
I’ve perused here and there; telling myself soon I’ll sit.
It’s become clear the only book I’ll get deep in, is you.
You opened up, and since the first line, I’ve struggled.
Closing you, like crawling from bed after an entire fifth.
Chapters infused with tea and tequila; Stained scents
powerful enough, evoke voices to mind, laughter’s joy
Printed in hugs and kisses you’ve put your soul upon
Water color illustrations done with times you’ve cried.
Clearly you won’t let the beauty of real pain go in vain.
Every time I pick you up, you’re better than I recalled,
Constantly adding pages bound in early morning rays,
Your plot elevates, and I swear if there’s a come down
I haven’t actually read to that part, but I fear no worry,
The way you make me wait for what I’m anticipating!
You’re a loaded six-gun, you’ll reveal great mysteries;
The way you’ve got moonlight dancing across the Nile,
I’m raised at every moment of the night, so worthwhile
After just thumbing your spine, you’ve piqued curiosity
Exploring you like a lost temple, uncovering knowledge
Through you the blind do become sighted, I’ve ignited
If your binding were any hotter I fear It’d catch on fire
Even then, with burning desire, my hands got it covered
– IV

Desacralization has occurred across the lands &
Many have begun to feel the glow of magic fade.
Yet, there can be no loss where hope still clings!
I’ll consecrate the way; a return to hallowed days

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