There Was Nothing Left – That’s Something Though

If you want what scares me, the most perplexing thing for me; I don’t know why I got up. I was laying there – I’m the flickering light of my broken lamp, and I had giving up on my mind. Of course it wasn’t the end, but I had already done so much… It was an end. I felt like it would have been alright.

I felt almost nothing; you can always feel the void. Strangely something begged me rise. I don’t think I did this for me. There was ice, and stillness. Underneath seemed so alluring, mocking me, for it had piece of what I didn’t yet know. I had the last laugh – in the end I would know; when I felt like I had gone well and far.
– IV

I’m happy we get the opportunity to bloom
after such a cold harsh winter;
It was dark, but life prevailed
and love always keeps life warm.


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