I Command My Lions

Foolishly I’d posture my chest before a thousand lions to impress you; even after you tell me that all I need do is hold you. This I do – like the night sky frames the stars, As a child’s eyes mesmerized by sunrise skies soon to be sets. I hold you, but it seems shorter than I do most breaths

Come a little closer baby, put your breath into my chest; I’ll press my lips to your forehead, exhaling, “this is my heaven.” These moment where at the surface not much is stirring, but without the breakwaters of your touch my boat would find the waves rougher.

Upon the shore once more, and I am still the fool for those lions would tear my flesh! When all you have to do is wave your hand and at your feet they would lay; I should remain quiet and stand tall until they rise with me
– IV

3 thoughts on “I Command My Lions

  1. Hi becomingveritate. Good. Thank you so much for your comment and liking my poem Compelled! I doubt I shall be remembered as a poet. But I can only write as I see the words form. Peace and Best Wishes. The Foureyed Poet.

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