The Body, A Glass, What Time?

It takes a great deal of strength to remain upright when the weight of reality works to knock you unstable – More when you’ve come across a treasure so rare it’s like looking for water in the Atacama desert, only to cut anchor; traveling far away in hopes of returning not to the same spot, but to anything near the previous moment. You could have drank. Instead, you thought about drinking. Now you remain parched
– IV

The sailor, the traveler, the adventurer, the gardener, the priest, the thief, the warrior, the explorer, the assassin, the trader, the craftsman, the bard, the kind, the fool… All of them seek, what they already have.

The Simple Things that Always

I want to date a girl who loves to read so at the end of each day I can lay exhausted on the bed and listen to her go on and on about how incredible her book is.

I want to see each bit of anticipation running off that lit up face, and washing over mine as she raises me from the dead with her enthusiasm – Read to me so I can hear your beautiful mind’s imagination lift your voice; The way it elevates when I surprise us both with how sweet life can be.
– IV

Please read it again. I just want to hear your voice mellifluously
roll over these words until I have become the earth once more.

Navigating Life is a Balance; An Art of the Heart and Mind

I just want to remind all of us to live fully the beautiful balance of the calm and the storm. If we only quickly glance at it we’ll surely miss. To do that I must remind us all of the tragedies we live, for with the calm and storm comes the rise and fall of the oceans. No matter how talented we become at navigating the currents or telling the sky’s signs; We will never be able to avoid the full circle of life – The nature of cycles

It’s a one way trip full of ebbs and flows towards and away from what we want; often by choice, and at times by circumstances. It is no easy thing to be mindful of this, nor to live fully. We will many times lose things, making us feel incomplete – even dead. This may be daunting, but remember you can not avoid the full circle of life. You must rise again, over and over. But to do this with more control of our self is the reason I want to remind us all. In the difficulty we often live by moment to the next, looking back or forward. We get attached to it all. Despite our reflections we forget to wake up, to step back, and integrate everything we’ve come across on the seas.

That’s what I want to say. Step back and look around. I mean really look. See what you have to offer others, and give to them. Not for what you think you can receive from them, but because we all deserve to give our unique combination of light and dark to the world. We are the hues that paint this world’s beauty!

Look around at all of you. Starting with your self and then the others. Although we are on our own, we are never alone. We are all here together, in this life together. As much as we have to offer ourselves, we have to offer one another. That is the supreme joy in life; To need only ourselves, but be driven by a desire, a fire, to give to others what we give ourselves.

One final note I want to add. Don’t take any of it for granted. Don’t take anyone for granted. Give them space if they need it. Give yourself space. Be understanding. Be compassionate. Learn to use your heart when it is easier to use your mind, and your mind when it is easier to use your heart. Navigate this relationship between heart and mind, – you will traverse the waters, not with ease, but with insatiable curiosity.
– IV

I’ve still got a lot to do, I won’t stop until…
Matter of fact I’ll never stop what I do,
Even once I’ve made it _____ to ____.

Letters For The Sunrise

You’ve been feeling it for so long now; for these arms of an equal to hold you close in the deep hours of your mind’s turning of the pages. You’ve laboured hard upon your works and have built so much beauty.

You are deserving of that which you seek, appreciation for you are wondrous in your giving, attention because you draw the bow of the Sun and place the moon in the sky, and affection as you are the warmth that nurtures each morning from it’s cozy slumbering. You have braved the long nights, and still you find strength to rise, to give the day more than the light. You breathe and inspire the winds to flight, carrying the birds on their harrowing dives. Aloft on your air are the petals that awaken me to your existence, your becoming, as I shall meet you – and together we will build the altar upon which our love will be birthed anew each day.

Our love, like the Phoenix, will combust and burn to ash, to be reborn in soaring flame. Like the peaceful warrior holds his calm in times of adversity – You will be cherished. Balanced like the crane wholeheartedly; body of blossoms, mind of the infinite, soul of eternity.
– IV

These could be the moments we live.
I’ve breathed you deep, So take me in,

In The Darkest; There are Those Who’ll be Their Brightest

Remember when you’d look up at the stars to ask them if they’d stay? Well they never left. Even after all this time they remained bright for you. Sometimes you go a while without looking for them. They don’t go too far on you though. You just use a little observation and find them again. What feels good is that they won’t hold you to anything not you. After all, at one point you were just like them. They’ve never considered you anything but equal; even after you moved on – Stars are always stars, and give their light to everything.
– IV

A storm has come through, and something has awakened.
I never use your name in the words I write, I want you to yourself.

Hold Yourself Something

I didn’t ask for this. I don’t tend to ask for anything. I’m just ruined when you give me something new. I’m coming undone and it’s so soon. Sights and touch I didn’t know one could have – My imagination was never that profound.

So here I am, to return what has come to me, to breathe life from what the trees have gifted me, and sing song till there is no wind to float a tune or ocean to sink into. If you would strike a note I should hear you, feel the pulls of your body – a beautiful gravity, waves crashing over me. This I see
– IV

Life is meant to move at a pace that tests our reflexes.
Always on the move, we must be quick. Timing is everything.
You want to find the sweet spot. Agile, but not rushed.
Constantly aware and in control of your decisions and actions

I could write endless, but what would then matter outside of us.

I Don’t Mind Some Breathlessness

I want to find her in a snowstorm.In a blizzard. In the cold so raw an innocent kiss would seal our lips; In warmth so kind it would thaw the threads of space.

In fog so thick I can’t see my hand in front of my face, In the palm I hold closely as we motivate each other through the troubles

In storm so true it cracks one in two and in the chaos ensued mends two together recycled new

In conversation so deep it goes further down than Mariana’s Trench – Okay not that far, but below surface level – In the echoes of a heartbeat the gods keep seeking

In silence so soothing, people would confuse it for classical Mozart; like excitement – you can’t name the best part.

In laughter so loud – You’d swear it is was back in black by AC/DC

In smiles so sweet – You’d swear you were eating birthday cake.

In that half awake, half dreaming sleep state – Loft music, the weeknd

Like where am I even; Does it matter? – No ones leaving

That’s where I want to find the love of my life; In all the time I’ve long let live, in the blossoms blooming beyond the walls within.
– IV

Chest deep in each other,
we found eruptions in each other,
tore the sky asunder,
and all we had to drink was one another

Dare You Say What is Weak; You are Surely Blinded by Your Strengths

We go through so much – and we ought to let much of it go. A lot hold it in far too long. They believe themselves superior, beyond such petty emotions. Not that they don’t feel, but that they see no purpose in returning back to the waters that birthed them; Strong enough to carry it all to the end of the path. This simple rain from swelled clouds, releasing tears down our cheeks, is a blessing which your ego keeps from you. A return to birth, balancing, let gentle water flow – Does this not wash them out? It might be that way so we can see life with a clearer view again.
– IV

What could take more strength than letting go of the things you feel, but no longer can hold, in order to climb higher?

It Doesn’t Stop at the Word

So how much do you love you? Can you tell me without saying the words ‘a lot’ , ‘tons’ or ‘plenty’? I don’t think enough people take this loving of self beyond the word. It doesn’t end at saying, “I love me”. That’s an important step, but it has to go further – the seed must be carried from beneath the shade of the tree.

It’s in the way you wake up; bright eyed and excited to see the sun. It’s what you do to set yourself up for small and big successes. The thoughts you contemplate to lift your mind state. The actions you take towards your goals, the dreams you strive for, the effort put in each moment, and the rest you give yourself when a break is needed. Most importantly, it’s the patience you practice with yourself.

Loving you is not a destination, and treating it as such does not arrive to dropped chores and open arms. It’s an open mouthed kiss, you must utilize knowledge of the other to place it correctly – So notice yourself; Take the scenic route.
– IV

It really doesn’t stop anywhere. Oh does it? Point me to this point of stop and I’ll show you the one beyond it.

I’ve Always Had A Thing For Being Enveloped

I can think of no better metaphor for the reality of this life we explore than a shower. Consider it. You rise early in the morning or perhaps it is after an exhaustive day; you find yourself standing in the warm embracing touch of thousands of water droplets. You close your eyes to see your mind chase its’ thoughts and your dreams. Maybe you’re thinking of all the things you’ll do from here on out.

Maybe you have quieted all the distractions. Yourself in harmony, at peace. Then without warning you are slammed with calamity. Your body has registered it before you even know; you gasp for air and tense up. The water has unexpectedly turned ice cold. That’s life. You never see it coming. There is rarely warning. As swiftly as it took place things return to calm – as long as you keep breathing, and focus.
– IV

Is this not a sacred act. To live, and have meant it?