I’ve Got Lightning In My Fingers; Do You Really Care If I Won’t Promise?

I’m gonna break you off,
Disconnect you from that bullshit,
Get you high on our dalliance,
Let’s hit this catharsis!

Time to becoming,
Walking my fingers across your stomach
Got your troposphere ready to spill,
Turn my lips to your sky,
Ready to drink down till I drown
I’m coming; Up only to crown you
Queen, I’m so proud of you!

Bad, but all we are is nature,
Resplendent, looking at your architecture
Such eloquence as you evocatively throw it back at me.
If I wasn’t so good with this mouth
You’d probably find your frisson ineffable
Let your moans get the best of you!

Yes, I am; I’ve got you cursing! In between sighing this name.
God almighty couldn’t sign it like me.
Script across your chest,
Whatever is on your to do list,

So I put my name down – Let’s go another round
Sing with those vocal cords, I mean ring the bell
Count to infinity; 1 Mississippi, 2, and 3 you’re hooked.
Which is dangerous baby, I’m not your intervention
Maybe just a few more bumps; I won’t cut you off
Just ask and I’m delivering; Nothing short of gourmet in the kitchen
Told you once that I had lightning in my fingers,
Tapped you twice, and brought the thunder,
Summoned the rains; We swam under the covers
Now you’re chilling on the bed lighting that cigarette,
Sparked up high on the moment!

So let me ask one more time of your critical thought,
Do you really care if I won’t promise to put the danger down
Long enough for us to obtain resting hearts?

Close To The Edge A Man Will Make His Choice

It’s probably morning now where you are. And I know there are breezes confused with whispers, perhaps it isn’t wisdom to leave no feeling leashed; Coming down is the hardest thing after all when you have no wings. None practical! What is this contortion of speech, could it be honest craft? Let it be left at this: May you not shake in presence of those who must see you as the pillars of what you stand for.

And It’s silly of me because I’m talking to myself again. As I make these high risk decisions with nothing more than a craft cocktail imbibed – Hell I don’t shake an ounce – The drink is stirred of course, but I’m talking about my tolerance for danger

There would be times we’d drink, and she’d start speaking her language; Her language was people. When she’d speak it she was this light; Warm, she became bliss. She would revel in my arms knowing nothing but bliss. At rest in close propinquity to my chest, I’d place a kiss upon her forehead. That was my language – I stopped speaking it.

And I guess I can flashback – Well what’s the furthest you’ve ever driven with your eyes closed?  I’ve counted to ten. –
She’d smack me saying, “You’re going to kill us one of these days.” I always knew I would be the one to kill us. Everyone knew,

I’m not quite sure how to explain this. It’s surely love, but not like I ever imagined. Maybe that’s because love can’t really be imagined the same way we are able to feel it. I can go days living and never worry that I’ve missed a thing. When enough time has passed we come to each other; With all the learnings of the days gone by; You kiss me with intrigue – A constantly shifting river flowing from the one and only source. It can be summed up only like this; If you know how to love, you’ll never run out.

At least that is how it should have been – We’re human though – We aim to be gods, and on our own we have a shot; Together it seems we fall short in communicating visions. When all reason says we should be able to do more in unison – We do less. Even if we build the tower higher… Have we gone further? This could be the wrong direction. I know me though – Here talking to myself again before I take this risk always trying to understand your voice in case you might convince me – You know me though.

Even Though I Hit It I Don’t Miss You

Disclaimer* All Things I write are subject to artistic creation.
I’ve never gutted anyone nor has anyone gutted me.

I don’t feel all that much on this, as you gut me of intestines.
Sprawled out on your couch I could use a real inspiration.

Are you one of those new waves?
You know the type that don’t crash at all;
They just keep on going towards nothings
Fizzle out afraid to hit the shore!

It’s a tragedy; The only people diving in are jokers.
All the intelligent fools are jaded
They didn’t like how the feelings made them hurt
So they brush them off and learn to love the cold.
There’s a fire in here and they hover by the stove.

I’ve always been so foolish,
Rash decisions to a dead head
Say baby, damn it’s cold outside!
Let that freeze chill into the bark on the trees,
You’re skin can take hits like that, but there’s no need,
The only hits you should feel are drugs like me,
So come over inside for some boot knocking,
I’m not talking shoe shopping,
Down for coming, but not out of pocket;
Watch it, always time for them good vibes
Like clockwork I know how your cogs work,
Do it slow to the sunrise, covered in sunlight,
I’ll make waves in your harbor and rock them ships,
40 days and nights when it’s done
Only I’ll have to apologize on account of Cupid’s aim – He only grazed me

Spend enough time on something and you’ll love or hate.

We’ll Skip Our Way Into Hell And They’ll Try To Keep Us Out

Fuck this deck of cards,
I’ll drop the whole thing.

52 Factorial I won’t pick up.

Everything tastes like Scotch now,
Maybe we should air your heart out
How about we just put the Absinthe down.
All this drinking could lead to things in the wrong.
You got me feeling like I’m too far gone,
You should put that Tequila gun down!
Drinking out of you like your mouth was the barrel,
I’ll help you finish, boom I pulled the trigger.

Now you’ve come – Can you say it’s for nothing?
Such an explosion can never be the last.
Nothing is something after all – It’s just the start
Such a sensuous crawl,
Across the bed into these maws
Just a smack – Fill up your cup
Flip it over, You’ll take it better like that
Ravenous flush – You’re burning up
We should have gone slow,
but I’ve never been one to filter
I’ll spill my paint all over your face,
Gentle drip – That’s the last of it
You couldn’t find art with a better taste.
And I don’t wait for it to dry,
I can always do it all again if I like.

I’ve got things coming for you
Real cheap, only your mind will do.

So Even If You Rock It Smashin’ Scissors, I Got Us Covered Like Paper

I’ve been thinking about that art, premeditated.
I had to steal it, once I saw it – Haunted
No brakes, hands leaving traces,
I’d rather use my body as an answer than words,
but I’ll give you three – Come to me
Pouring flows, she likes to get two on – Under me
First degree with that brain – Cuffed
Mrs. Officer putting it on like she caught me
The way you reading my rights I wish you would
Throw me in the back and start ripping my clothes off.
I’m here to deliver your favorite flavor.
Flip you round and hit it like I was digging a grave for murder;
I’m a gentleman, of course I’ll bring flowers.

You Should Resist Me For Your Fast – I’ll Temp You Like Low Hanging Wisdom

Is that you pressing all over my flesh?
I’ve got poisons to spill on your dress,
The kind that will brighten up your face,
Nothing but the purest in these veins.

No ruler could convince you of his destiny.
Even the almighty made mistakes,
I could lead you, but I hear you do fine,
Looking at you, I’d be tempted in paradise.

Sold down the river, got my hands up, now shoot.
I like when you bring on your knees to new heights
Got the devil rushing to put on his glasses
Saw you from the roof and had to have you,

I’ll speak in tongues with your legs up in the air,
Just keep moving your hands through my hair
No rush, I need it quick. No love, I want your kiss.
22: If Hammurabi caught me I’d be put to death.

I Could Be Dangerous Or Just Your Daydream

She can sing to me till I melt into the seat leathers of the universe baby

I’ll write while she bites my neck,
Only the true death will do for me

I’ve got pink blossoms floating on,
Take off your songs my deep love,

Put on your heart strings, I can pull em;
Let down your hair some, hard drive,

We’re in a place the average reach for,
so go ahead and get down on the floor
Load up your bearings,
you’re the Cardamaro to my Orange Bitters and Scotch

I’ll bring you down on the rocks,
Unfurl your locks across the dock

Making love before we make it out of the waters.
Now we’re on the shores with a star cover blanket.

Jelly fish drifting along your skin – I could cover you in sweet stings,

But I’ll just lay beside you and pull you like the moon does.
You’re an ocean.
Now I’m dancing on this whiskey barrel,
Rolling my tongue along your river,

I can feel your tire swing visions pulsing through your arteries;
Let’s ride until we kill the batteries.

Deep Men – More Lost

Men have confided in me the darkest of words. They’ve spoken to me their vile thoughts of thighs, and given to me many a reason to turn and run from their atrocious wilds. Yet I have always stood by their light, considering they may merely be misdirected at these times of the night. How can a soul really intend the harms that have been whistled, surely there is a disconnect between he and his empathy, his viral love for she who births the world – If he has embraced his passions, his curiosity, his creativity, he will not stand to destroy, in such a way that harms what gives him life; The very thing he seeks to fill with spirit – His reflection

Hit It Nine Times Cause That Cat Got Nine Lives

I’m gonna do you right,
Turn you on, and light up the night
Got this magic in my fingers
Shoot it straight, cut with nothing
Fathers get mad cause I get high with their daughters.
I’m a bull, charge full, speed,
I got what you need

Work you out like reps in a set,
Panties to the right, we gon’ get the sheets wet,
You bet I’m going to put your vocals to the test
I get a little bigger when I’m looking at your figure
God damn, I’m bout to bite that,
Keep it in my face cause I don’t see nothing wrong,
With a little bump and grind, Hit it nine – Times,
cause that cat got nine lives
Talking mutual satisfaction, there is no maximum,
Just go until the neighbors start knocking,
Then laugh and turn up the volume.
No way we stopping this without climaxing,
Usher trying to take us to them high places,
He’d probably throw planes on the soundtrack
Maybe the body, to really work that
Hell yeah you’re a freak huh?
Ain’t nothing but nature to me,
Sweet honey when you taste me.
And I seek it on the daily, Yeah I’m a real geek.
Studying you on your knees
If I ever lost my way,
You’re the one that the gods hope pray for me 😉
Maybe if we kiss this could turn into coffee in the morning,
But seriously, Let me hit it in the morning,
I’ll get you in the shower with me,
I could go hours if you need,
Breakfast at 3? Fresh pearl necklace I’ll bless it,
Okay I’m just going to put an end to this…. ha

I Haven’t Been Me So Much Lately – So I Set It Free

I’m a wild love,
I’ve got things in my closet you want to see em?
If the Earth could speak do you think she’d be a freak?
I think you’ve got her song on
Do you like hands on your throat?
Could anything be more ambitious?
What’s more of something you’ve never tasted before? A sure thing.
When I pull up roaring for the night I won’t wait
I wonder what notes you like to hit the most.
Talking like you really want to bite it: The apple and the snake.
Turned up with some demons,
You trust yourself; I trust me
In the end what’s worth doing?
I’ve never been richer, so let’s give it all away
When it comes to this…
When it comes to grinding hips

I know what you need,
Dressing down while I chase you around,
I think you know what I mean
Going to strip you down
Deliver you to this high
Flip you over I know what’s on your mind
Change position, Baby I’m addicted to friction
Lady let me ask if you don’t mind my asking…
Where’d you get that ass from? Amazing.
I’m feeling on you Déjà vu,
Had to hit it again so I could savor the taste of you.

I’m thirsty for you baby, believe it when I say I can handle me
I’ll fill the bathtub up with gin and drink my way down to your thighs,
Dirty Martini, Sink me under, I’ll come up touching from your lips to your tongue
Baby watching you do you from below is so fun