Lessons For The Broken Compass – An Alchemical Journey

You don’t have that same intense curiosity in your eyes anymore, and you know it. You stopped fanning the spark, and let the flames settle down. Everyone knows how much of you the blaze consumed, but you don’t have to do none of that for us; None of this will get it all back, and we all missed the forest anyways. Thankfully it will grow back in the time between now and eternity; and knowing you, that’s got to be your plan. You’re smart, you know you need the trees, and soft grounds to walk across. What happened to your wilderness will always be a singe to your senses, but it won’t bother you so much. You know you’ve got to be able to start again from your beginnings and never breathe a word about your loss – That’s the joy of growth.

Yes there is much to be sowed, as infinite to be reaped.
Would you know the difference between self and wheat!


3 thoughts on “Lessons For The Broken Compass – An Alchemical Journey

  1. sapphiellie says:

    A beautiful metaphor… and something I identify with.
    And as for what you said in your other post about talking to yourself, haha, keep on doing it. It takes years for us to get to know ourselves – I find talking to myself helps! Sophia ❤

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  2. franz says:

    it takes time to unfold before my eyse the truth now it’s breaking my heart but I beleive what’s meant to be will be mean’t to be you already leave an unforgettable mark we have a lifetime to wait coz she’s forever his .I’ve always been talking to myself too sorry for letting you down it hurts .

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