You Painted My Face – Now find Me Grateful

It was morning now. It was sunset then. It didn’t matter what time it was. The faint glow of a stretched out sun reaching gently across the sky to touch you there; I touched you there; with warmth – Like laughter and heartbeats pumping the flow through our veins, the cool kiss of the floor on our bare toes kept us in tempo; Yours curled.

The light built temples upon your skin, your lips were the steps. I adorned you like the plumed serpent of El Castillo de Kukulkan, only I climbed up. The gods know your tongue was the lock, decorated like Pandora’s box; And catastrophically mine was the key. With it I lit your mouth like the Midsummer solstice ceremonies; Yours, you allayed the seas – The way the light touched you there; I touched you there…

If a spark was required…Then it was you who inspired the flame that I burned this pyre with; The old world turned to ashes, and as far as I’m concerned through your eyes, like stained glass, shone the only sacraments: Fierceness and certainty – A made up mind. The light danced with you as it peaked above your crown; I made you laugh, and bit your lip; You hailed me king, and gave me a kiss. I held you down to the mortal realm, but our cloud was high.

Just a few more notes played upon the organs; Touched with such warmth, in such light, I truly am at peace. I seeped through the window for a few more moments before I gently fell beyond the horizon. The light touched you there. I touched you there. Forever, I feel you everywhere

How could I not be?
If it weren’t for my patience,
I swear everything would be waiting.

One thought on “You Painted My Face – Now find Me Grateful

  1. franz says:

    you got into action now …the box was openned and the world was stirred.You’re brilliant


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