Deep Men – More Lost

Men have confided in me the darkest of words. They’ve spoken to me their vile thoughts of thighs, and given to me many a reason to turn and run from their atrocious wilds. Yet I have always stood by their light, considering they may merely be misdirected at these times of the night. How can a soul really intend the harms that have been whistled, surely there is a disconnect between he and his empathy, his viral love for she who births the world – If he has embraced his passions, his curiosity, his creativity, he will not stand to destroy, in such a way that harms what gives him life; The very thing he seeks to fill with spirit – His reflection

6 thoughts on “Deep Men – More Lost

  1. Crystil Lady says:

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    Very thought provoking šŸ™‚

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  2. “Surely there is a disconnect between he and his empathy”. That line really stuck out to me. The only disconnect is in “his” choosing. In anything that we do or say we are committed to that momentary truth.


  3. Your writing is my “guilty pleasure”. You cause me to want to call off all of my plans for the day and be left alone, to read more. Please, DON’T be careful with your words! It’s writers like yourself, who cause mass reproduction. I am not just inspired, I am feeding off of you and how you express life so explicitly, honestly and provocatively.

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    • Well this is a powerful statement and send you my gratitude. I don’t mind giving my breath to a few embers so that they may grow to warm others.

      Eventually people will realize I’m here to supply nourishment, whether that is to help them heal, grow, or create (All three ideally) is up to the individual.

      Thank you for your words,

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  4. franz says:

    now I truly understand ……you’re verses is very thought provoking and I’m nearing towards the end.


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