You Should Resist Me For Your Fast – I’ll Temp You Like Low Hanging Wisdom

Is that you pressing all over my flesh?
I’ve got poisons to spill on your dress,
The kind that will brighten up your face,
Nothing but the purest in these veins.

No ruler could convince you of his destiny.
Even the almighty made mistakes,
I could lead you, but I hear you do fine,
Looking at you, I’d be tempted in paradise.

Sold down the river, got my hands up, now shoot.
I like when you bring on your knees to new heights
Got the devil rushing to put on his glasses
Saw you from the roof and had to have you,

I’ll speak in tongues with your legs up in the air,
Just keep moving your hands through my hair
No rush, I need it quick. No love, I want your kiss.
22: If Hammurabi caught me I’d be put to death.

4 thoughts on “You Should Resist Me For Your Fast – I’ll Temp You Like Low Hanging Wisdom

  1. Dream 9 says:

    The blood flows slowly. It’s greased the lightning. No Flash. Just thoughts. Aggravated.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ursulablack says:

    Thanks for the like. Your verse is very unique, in both form and content- this one is my favorite for right now…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. franz says:

    A law? an eye for an eye hammurabi code the king needs justice what for? I love your poetry so far the best I’ve read


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