We’ll Skip Our Way Into Hell And They’ll Try To Keep Us Out

Fuck this deck of cards,
I’ll drop the whole thing.

52 Factorial¬†I won’t pick up.

Everything tastes like Scotch now,
Maybe we should air your heart out
How about we just put the Absinthe down.
All this drinking could lead to things in the wrong.
You got me feeling like I’m too far gone,
You should put that Tequila gun down!
Drinking out of you like your mouth was the barrel,
I’ll help you finish, boom I pulled the trigger.

Now you’ve come – Can you say it’s for nothing?
Such an explosion can never be the last.
Nothing is something after all – It’s just the start
Such a sensuous crawl,
Across the bed into these maws
Just a smack РFill up your cup
Flip it over, You’ll take it better like that
Ravenous flush – You’re burning up
We should have gone slow,
but I’ve never been one to filter
I’ll spill my paint all over your face,
Gentle drip – That’s the last of it
You couldn’t find art with a better taste.
And I don’t wait for it to dry,
I can always do it all again if I like.

I’ve got things coming for you
Real cheap, only your mind will do.

3 thoughts on “We’ll Skip Our Way Into Hell And They’ll Try To Keep Us Out

  1. Dream 9 says:

    Clasping, reaching, I forget you’re there. Wings of an angel become my dying wish. A breadth that spans an aeon. Sife.


  2. I feel like I’ve lived this poem before. I like.

    Liked by 1 person

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