Hide Your Feelings or Get Caught In The Fangs – The Brave

I don’t wonder about the shadows played on her cheeks,
I don’t wonder about the places we’ll meet.
I know out here in the wild, she is a killer just like me.

Designed to slice and tear; if you don’t show strength beware.
I know she could be the end of me out in this wilderness here.

I know my skin is tough, but I can’t help but imagine her deadly walk;
I let her get just close enough, to feel the dangerous rush.
I wonder how long I’ll be bleeding once I’m punctured.

All that red, all that red I always wanted to become; There is no dread.
In my eyes she is so angelic, yet I can see her darkness, Oh how I’d devour it,
I know she’d take the bite if I got close enough; I’d bite her back!

Now lay your defenses at your side because I dare you to risk this one life you are given.
Look to her steady approach as she catches your scent.
Hold out your hands with cupped palms, and look firmly into those gems with understanding gaze.

If you can’t kneel before her, and accept her incisors at your throat,
If you quiver as she presses without hesitation, smoothly from clench to bite,
If you can’t quietly peer into the distance for those moments where she decides to drain you or not,
Then you aren’t the brave she is looking for.

Yes, she will bite, at times too hard. On the days her love is hardest,
You have to know that she will watch how you act, and put to heart your patience
If you can find a way through that armor, if you even bother,
Bless your hands when you hold her – A rose is more than form!

She Could Freeze – She’d Rather Melt

So what’s the next thing on your lips? The word could be leave or silence might come up from your lungs screaming, “Give me something to hold on for.” I could write moans across your body Hemingway couldn’t put into phrases; Sex for salvation you’re your own saviour – My hands broke the bread.

If you were to speak now, I wonder how many sighs of ecstasy would be necessary as I grip your thighs. Would any number be overdoing it? Let’s overdose; I know fear when I see it stalking in the corner of someone’s eyes, and baby that’s not it roaring in yours.

Look what’s hanging now – Anticipation herself on the precipice, begging; Kisses upon your navel to resurrect every nerve cell that thought it would never be touched lightning hot, boom – Thunder, I’ve already struck. The next thing on your lips will be, “More!” followed by me. There is no such thing as enough

I Can Go Deeper – I Got It Like That

I’m off forgetting you like it’s something new
Can you hear me? Don’t try and steer me,
You don’t get me, no big deal to me, I’m not tryin to be a mystery
Lookin’ for something that’s harder “than just getting me” to see
Oh cause them others you just got all figured out,
They’re not deep enough to matter a lot,
Can’t hold out their arms and stop the clock,
Or touch your hand and start your heart
Slow it down and speed it back up, with only one call,
Maybe you’re the one or maybe you’re not,
Right now I’m not worrying a lot, Got the future in mind.
Along with my life, you trying to jump on a bumpy ride?
That’s alright, baby trust me I can smooth shit out for you
If I so choose to, Not here trying to lose you, I’m just young
Fun, and I’m moving a lot, so if you really down for me, try and keep up
Take the shot, don’t back off now, we’re already driving off the lot,
Aston martin music, baby top notch, hands firm on your ass, hear the sound as your heart pounds,
that’s your adrenaline, speedin’ you up, now I’m going to slow you down
Grab hold of you and take you down, good lovin’ bout to hear you nice and loud
as your vocals echo, mattress music sound, Bring you back from the atmosphere
Feed you with sanctification, I know you’re stayin’ here
and give you another second For your lungs to grab some air,
oh you thirsty let’s not forget hydration, i’ll take your mind off of it
Yeah you on a mini vacation, There’s no currency here but lovin’
And I’ve got plenty of it, so I hope you thought this through
Plenty of seconds off your watch you spent wondering what to do
But you and me both know That you don’t want to move,
Keep it right there, now put it there, wait that’s what up
It feels right when I got you tight, Hostage situation?
Maybe you can run one on me later tonight,
after this I know you going to throw the fight
Didn’t I tell you I’m sort of a mind reader, maybe more a sign reader
I read your body and now I’m telling you what I see
You can not get enough of me, so inhale deep in your lungs because you think
You can capture me like 0-2,
and as soon as you go to exhale, I’m leavin’ you, C-oh-2
Kind of like a boomerang, I’m here and then I’m gone again,
but if I throw you right, you’ll always come back to me

I wrote a rap

Diadem’s Folly – 2

She’s beautiful. I state it simply because there is no complexity in notion; but her smile. It casts mystery, and with that shadows o’er complexity; as her presence makes certain that she is awakened to some truth to which I am yet asleep. I shant press her to answer, as our silence in travel seems to be such, alluding to my motioning mind, liken to a light which one’s eyes can not catch, yet warmth and fire can be felt, I revel in this flame, as if it is a certainty, one that I know will come to faith if given the life to nourish to a peak and fruit upon my tongue, or hers. But I am brought to water, that she is of few breaths raised for ear. I lose train of thought, and feel as though touched upon shoulder by breath, her voice, but my body is not given sense; only perceived by the consciousness. Her voice resounds the walls of my sanctuary; I can not give word to an infatuation only given life by my vision’s desire to incept a voice as truthful as light. My mind dances between waves of aether and as my body seems free of all physical restraint, I am shattered all at once as I come alert, a body awaken; She, the beauty that has yet to give voice to quench my thirst, has drawn my blood. Awakening me from a calm, my attentiveness required. I pause in hopes of word exchange, none come my way. I perplex of a women who would sink blade to open eye all without pass of one word. To think I’ve not even spoken to raise cause and may too soon have found the bad side of such beautiful flawlessness. My body is once again at calm, but to my observable perception I can conceive no motive from her. She refuses to give me word of our direction all I can gather is East.

I hope you know I could only be here so long,
It may not be enough of me to keep you strong,
but your troubles are not for me to solve
I’m sorry I can’t be the one for you,
I can’t muster the strength for what you must do

Lessons For The Broken Compass – An Alchemical Journey

You don’t have that same intense curiosity in your eyes anymore, and you know it. You stopped fanning the spark, and let the flames settle down. Everyone knows how much of you the blaze consumed, but you don’t have to do none of that for us; None of this will get it all back, and we all missed the forest anyways. Thankfully it will grow back in the time between now and eternity; and knowing you, that’s got to be your plan. You’re smart, you know you need the trees, and soft grounds to walk across. What happened to your wilderness will always be a singe to your senses, but it won’t bother you so much. You know you’ve got to be able to start again from your beginnings and never breathe a word about your loss – That’s the joy of growth.

Yes there is much to be sowed, as infinite to be reaped.
Would you know the difference between self and wheat!

You Painted My Face – Now find Me Grateful

It was morning now. It was sunset then. It didn’t matter what time it was. The faint glow of a stretched out sun reaching gently across the sky to touch you there; I touched you there; with warmth – Like laughter and heartbeats pumping the flow through our veins, the cool kiss of the floor on our bare toes kept us in tempo; Yours curled.

The light built temples upon your skin, your lips were the steps. I adorned you like the plumed serpent of El Castillo de Kukulkan, only I climbed up. The gods know your tongue was the lock, decorated like Pandora’s box; And catastrophically mine was the key. With it I lit your mouth like the Midsummer solstice ceremonies; Yours, you allayed the seas – The way the light touched you there; I touched you there…

If a spark was required…Then it was you who inspired the flame that I burned this pyre with; The old world turned to ashes, and as far as I’m concerned through your eyes, like stained glass, shone the only sacraments: Fierceness and certainty – A made up mind. The light danced with you as it peaked above your crown; I made you laugh, and bit your lip; You hailed me king, and gave me a kiss. I held you down to the mortal realm, but our cloud was high.

Just a few more notes played upon the organs; Touched with such warmth, in such light, I truly am at peace. I seeped through the window for a few more moments before I gently fell beyond the horizon. The light touched you there. I touched you there. Forever, I feel you everywhere

How could I not be?
If it weren’t for my patience,
I swear everything would be waiting.

It is a Choice – Albeit Difficult

It is a choice… a choice to feel, however I feel for those who have not a choice. They are so overburdened with the power to feel, they just don’t stand a chance in this storm that tears and howls at the heart strings. To make matters worse they often don’t even recognize it until it’s too late. They’ve been so blinded by feeling their whole life, that once they start to gain some sense outside of emotion, it becomes apparent that they have felt all too deeply. This is usually their end. They try to put to paper the endless stream of tears that may or may not show. More often than not it consumes them; a fire they can not wield. They end themselves. Be it through a long drawn out sprawl of life defined by sadness and brief moments of extreme joy or early on rather than put on a truly disorienting act escaping into the minds of others. Rarely there is the occurrence that one chooses happiness and unlocks the understanding that sadness reaches its lowest point, ending with death, while happiness has no limits. No man will ever put his smile down and gesture, “No more joy, I shall have no more laughter for I have had my fill.” One realizes that despite being ‘full’ of happiness and jubilant to the point of potential explosion, one will not actually explode. That is because happiness expands, it grows, spreads, and multiplies. Indeed it is contagious. A contagion worth spreading. This happiness further lives on, even beyond the life of the individual from whom it stemmed. This is when the searcher has found what was being sought, concluding it had been within all along – That it is a choice!

Monologues to Self

Did you ever decide if you’d paint perfection on that marred canvas? 

It seems whatever reaction once chained, transformed. And suddenly we were strangers again; There no longer was any taste lingering. Perhaps it’s my memory; bad with particulars, with holding emotional thoughts. I could put you into my mouth & be shocked by the flavor. Are you clear? I’m red. Colors are such story tellers – You’ve got a painting on your face.

To put something so pure upon the tongue, to be so hot with one’s blood, awfully wild for just a night.
Tore the armor off and discovered flight. Going on down and you might, find a thirst for such a life.
Here you are in the bed; All that is wanted is your head.

Before You like A Leap of Faith – When Only Reason Will Do

I know you. Well that’s false pretense. To be clear we’ve met before. We’ve exchanged deep gazes with empty words. We talked on all the things okay, but not really of consequence. You know about me. It’s hard to deny; I’ve crossed a few paths with your roaming thoughts… You go out there and face all of it very well; all the while thinking of those dire hungers which keep your heart rate a little above average. Well my question now is in the open. Are you still? What signs are you waiting for? It’s an awful place considered; To find yourself in front of a great expanse with all the potential washing over you while you just stand there – Still uncertain what to do next.
– IV