What Does That Say About The Moment In Which We Taste Each Other’s Soul?

I’m not quite sure how to explain this. It’s surely love, but not like I ever imagined. Maybe that’s because love can’t really be imagined the same way we are able to feel it. I can go days living and never worry that I’ve missed a thing. When enough time has passed we come to each other; With all the learnings of the days gone by; You kiss me with intrigue – A constantly shifting river flowing from the one and only source. It can be summed up only like this; If you know how to love, you’ll never run out.

I won’t make promises because I know how circumstance can rear Its head – But while everyone else is disappearing, running, or assigning blame, I will remain calm and ready to take on the wave. Bring to me storm, and I will show you all that is calm! I know what you’re thinking; Most the time I am a storm; And I just want to crash into your peace, shake you up a bit – I’m just trying to prove we’re alive! We are, we’re alive and I know this. Watch me burn a few more minutes off the life I’ve been given command of.

To understand this: I love you, but I’m mad at you. Does that not mean something absolutely perfect to this all? Could any other words lift such a weight and bring on a soothing relief? Is this not transparent? To know that you have the right to be angry with someone, and get that it doesn’t mean things are over, that it does not mean irreparable. It just means I need time, I need space, I love you, now be quiet and go, but not too far – If I don’t come back; Come and find me.

Look at you fucking smile. Look at that fucking cracked crescent moon. Who could shut the blinds to your gentle luminescence. You reflect what is good about me – At least; You help me to see what I’ve always overlooked, whether you know it or not. You’re a fucking storm, and I don’t know if I can weather you.

Deeper than words, that’s the touch – A beautiful death is only right. And what do you want from me?

Storms give us the chance to emerge refreshed, and discern for sure that we are alive. You are a storm,  and I will take you in.

14 thoughts on “What Does That Say About The Moment In Which We Taste Each Other’s Soul?

  1. Dana Renee says:

    Life and love gorgeously undefined but felt in these words.

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  2. seablueone says:

    Wonderful writing from you. A powerful meaning throughout.
    Letting readers feel the sincerity behind the words.

    Whether it’s true or not matters little to me. The writing is great, and I can learn from this. 🙂

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  3. Loved this! My favourite section was “who could shut the blinds to your gentle luminescence?” and the bit which came just before. It read to me as an expression of how we come to love everything about another person – even their flaws become endearing to us. Hence the “cracked” crescent moon emphasised with affection. Really enjoyed this piece. Raw, real and very compelling. 🙂

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    • Thank you very much for this wonderful feedback. I’m glad you felt so much from it! There is certainly a lot going on in this, and it may not all be straight forward, but will be more clear as pieces come together



  4. Richard D says:

    Great stuff. One cannot read this and be indifferent or distant from themselves. It speaks to all of us, even if we, too, find so much to be indescribable. Powerful words. Thanks IV.

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  5. Carole says:

    You just summarized my emotions in a few words. I think I’m the hardest person to love if i can confess so

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  6. I understand what you are getting through…

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  7. Sometimes we all need a little of our peace crashed into. Interesting blog site. Will have to return to read more of your stuff.


    • I think having our peace crashed into every now and again is something great – Allows us to look around at a pace we’re not used to.

      Thanks for stopping by and look forward to sharing more!



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