Yes, Baby. If I Can Create Her, I Can Draw You

I’m going to be upfront. Everything that follows may not be to your taste, but if you hold and give it a chance, it will open your eyes. If you digest it, it will nourish your mind. Prepared incorrectly it could certainly do you harm, but you must trust that I’ve taken all precaution to serve you the highest quality of mental intrigue.

You don’t forget a body – The things you notice when you take it slow, when you aren’t looking to get anywhere because where you are is the place you’ve decided to stay a moment; Embrace that moment like it was a first hug. The first real hug, where you realize you can hold on just a bit longer because it’s where you are. It feels like when you lay down satisfied at night sinking into your sheets; A feeling you can’t describe in many other ways. Certainly one word wouldn’t suffice. Not at this point in time, not from this perspective.

Death finds it hard to argue after seeing it in the eyes of so many. It’s a sick world I’m in. I’m the only one here, the only one. So haunted, did you see that? I swear I’m playing rounds on my own self. Filling up the cup I’ve already emptied. No, no it’s empty still. Look into those eyes. They could walk me up to the door, and I’d still have to put them down. I was talking to myself again. What the fuck do you want? Why do you still follow me around?

She stared at me, and I put the petal to the floor; Staring at that light as it turned yellow – I looked it up and down, It stayed yellow for four seconds. I didn’t stop or slow down, I floored it, and as soon as I ran through, it screamed red. No, you don’t forget a body – The things you notice when you’re devouring the world around you. You know when she likes the speed – When she tells you – It lights a devilish fire in your eyes, which you cover her with. She doesn’t admit why, but she likes the danger. She doesn’t admit much, but you know she’s burning.

I mean what, what are you afraid of? I just needed a little buzz, you know a little high, afraid of heights? You come down, you might hit the ground? You bounce right up baby, come on, this isn’t you – This isn’t you.

In light of this, in darkness, I’ve adjusted to see clearly. I don’t think it’s my eyes that do anything. It’s most definitely my perspective. I see you, faint outline, with subtle landmarks like a streetlight on the side of this road I’m on. Finally I can get a better grasp of where I am, at least you’d think. You’re like the streetlight, except I can’t stay – You can’t come with me. You only give me what light you can, but for the rest of the way It’s up to me to see. I don’t forget that light; How it eased the night, but it’s just a way of seeing you. You’re not really here because by nature of travel I’ve placed myself far from that moment. I have a grasp of this night, I will try to paint it for you.

*I’ve got your story entwined in mine, and I don’t have the time to tell just one

18 thoughts on “Yes, Baby. If I Can Create Her, I Can Draw You

  1. casandralee says:

    loved how the intro was a challenge to process the piece which holds a lot of emotion and life. the male perspective speaks so clearly about the present moment through hugs and the way to really look at a body. he seems a bit forlorn as the past passed him; in this moment i offer him a hug.

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    • I’m glad you enjoyed the challenge – It doesn’t end there 😉 This was beautiful feedback and I really appreciate it… He could probably use that hug. We’ll have to see what happens though as it all unfolds!


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  2. mjay227 says:

    Amazing poetry…..beautiful I’d like all your post but that’s a lot of work…lol…another time I will

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  3. farreldee says:

    I like the line at the end- it encapsulates everything so well.

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  4. akhandsi says:

    Reblogged this on An Empty Glass and commented:
    Amazing work of expressing this. Thanks for the read.

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  5. linorobles says:

    Wow…. this was a must read!! Well worded.

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  6. Kavi says:

    Your poetry is volcanic…

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  7. bokehstories says:

    Love the intensity and honesty. Keep writing!
    And thanks for dropping by, helped me find you 🙂


  8. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:

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  9. Very intense and powerfully written. Great job!!!

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