If You’re Going To Sleep On Me, Don’t Do It In My Bed

Who am I? Well who do you want me to reference? I never made the time to collect all those greats and drop them here; Where are they? I rarely found any, but I knew from the start there was something more unique to the means through which I felt us; I have begun to express. You think it’s about anyone else? Keep thinking. I spent a lot of time not being me, but by doing so I unearthed who I am. For a definition of what an ‘I’ is, you are to look to yourself.

Lose yourself in your desires, and find yourself in my grip. Tell me
to touch, tell me to move, you know me – I’m listening for you,
your mind, Your actions are not lining up! This is something to shout.

I want to believe that this is the closest I can get to your heart, the closest my fan can get to your spark, the closest my vessel can become to housing part of your flame; It’s something I aimed for – No matter the size of the blaze; Each of us has only room for one fire – One innocuous switch from a conflagration. I learned to feel from scratch. By sheer desire to understand: I created this, I tore myself open, and chased down lights I never should have; All to know what it would be like. Even though I knew the answer, I knew what I should do, I grabbed tight to the wrong choice, denounced my voice of reason, and felt so that I could know by experience.

This is not a game. I’m not babbling insanity, you’re sleeping away, and I’m calling you baby. You could at least acknowledge this like you do the Sun; When it creeps through the shades early morning – In blissful resignation you try to pretend with a blind smile that it is not truly the hour to rise and live the mortal life.

I’m fearful. I’m not that strong for what I have to deal with. You know I’m just being impatient. I keep telling you I’ve delivered, and there is no unknown here. You’ve got to wonder, Is this something I will feel for all my days? I remember not knowing I felt this way. It’s hard to imagine for more than the passing of a last train, what it was like to not have an observation of myself – To be unaware that I truly existed and indeed these things within me were screaming to be told. I think it is imperative that I tell you this all, that I am for you; But I do not accomplish this for you – Come on lay down… I know that your heart has nothing to do with your mind, but it’s a beautiful figure of speech to say you love something with all of it.

What a rose – is it time for you to bloom? I don’t recall planting you; What colors will you choose?

If you don’t keep me out of your head,
You’ll never get me out of your bed


24 thoughts on “If You’re Going To Sleep On Me, Don’t Do It In My Bed

  1. FLLOH says:

    OH MAN OH MAN OH MAN! I do not say this to take away from anyone else i read and follow, BUT, i saw this post in my email and i grew so damn excited to read it! You did not let that excitement down! So much talent, if you have an album what is it, i will go buy it TODAY! Loved this piece man.

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  2. FLLOH says:

    Wish i could give this more stars!

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  3. George says:

    Very, very well done. There see some great lines and expressions in here. Really nice.

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  4. cote8050 says:

    I loved this, loved it all, those last two lines so fitting to my life at the moment, thanks, great work.

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  5. grumpygorman says:

    This is some really intense, well-expressed exploration… enjoyed reading it.. it kept my attention from beginning to end… that’s saying a lot, with my arrogance and limited attention span…

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    • I know what it takes to keep my own attention, and I think that plays a role in the way I express what I do. There is a reason behind all of it! I’m glad I was able to capture yours for the length of this piece.

      Thanks for the positive feedback mate,

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  6. M's Journey says:

    Reblogged this on An Artful Man's Journal and commented:
    I love the work this man is doing, both in art and prose

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  7. Appreciated sir! There is a ways to go, much to be created


  8. Liz says:

    I am so excited that so many people are commenting on your talents. You are an amazing writer. I’ve personally been addicted to your words since October. Thank you for sharing your art here for our enjoyment.
    ” I spent a lot of time not being me, but by doing so I unearthed who I am.” I love this. In many ways your words have helped me become my own truth, my true self. I am looking forward to reading more.

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    • I write this all for myself, and it means a lot to me to know that the things I want to express are things that others dig too – It’s great that these words have helped lift you/sink you down to your true self. You may be onto this becoming thing

      Thanks again Liz!

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  9. Are you sure you know yourself more? Or you definition of “I”, is to look for yourself? I keep on looking for myself and yet I could not see beyond the mirror either.

    If rather be lost somewhere. Because to find myself would be the death of me. And I am lost and keep on looking, then I have my reason to keep on going … 🙂

    Brilliant writing. 🙂

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  10. Heartafire says:

    Lovely writing and art, thank you!

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  11. This was arousing and it made me incredibly sad at the same time. Like the ending of what use to be an excellent relationship…or what you wanted to be an excellent relationship. I relate to this in more ways than one…I am sure many of us do.


  12. itsvishakha says:

    And I see a person anticipating it so lavishly and passionately!! Wow!!

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