I Know I’ve Been A Little Distant – I Put A Field Between Us

If you look up just for a minute you’ll melt the reach away.

I should warn you that it is quite a step more than that. You know how I get when I want things to challenge the conventions a bit. I thought about planting a few rose bushes next to the pumpkins and squash, but they drink so much. You don’t drink enough. Your roots are deep, I know you’ve been looking for this water. Come on I’ve filled up these buckets; This fresh water for your blooming – It’s all for you. Just cross this field. You just have to uproot yourself – Don’t be stuck; The Honey bees are waiting on your blossoms.

I wanted to get you flowers, but they take time to grow.
What I want shouldn’t be a weight around your neck,
I will wait for you to sprout again after the long winter,
I know the roots you’ve built will grow strong and robust.
Continue to bathe in this rain and you will open wide up
Soak in this sunshine and you will again shine bright
I’ll keep the noise down, I won’t rustle around too much

I know the field is dry, but we don’t need to be completely satiated from the start – It’s always much more enticing to be seeking something, to be fine, but able to hold a drink; This world is worth sharing a drink, right? It’s exact, how much I’ve mulled this over, I’ve muddled the berries just enough to get that sweet taste your tongue craves. This is not something they teach you. It is individual to your colors. You’re doing something here that no one else will be able to paint; Heavens, they’ll be jealous of everything if they try to come close to this. You know how that fairy kept you up all night – You just wanted a drink, a clean cut of cool to slide down your throat, and perhaps a drop you didn’t need – To splash from the crevice of your lips upon your décolletage

Shake your limbs;
Loosen the dirt around your roots,
come now you have it in you.
You will birth this forest grove
You will create this planet’s breath.
You will be the one who holds it all together,
You will be your own canopy shelter,
You are the life creator and shaper!
I’ve fallen to my knees on this:
Faith is not my haven,
Yet I can do no more than believe in you.

I should meet you because I’ve got this desire, but I can’t;
You know I can’t; I know I don’t get to make this call.


16 thoughts on “I Know I’ve Been A Little Distant – I Put A Field Between Us

  1. prospermind says:

    honest words, straight from the heart.

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    • Thank you for taking your time to read them and share your thoughts on them here! I appreciate the feedback and hope you find more to your liking should you return,

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      • prospermind says:

        You’re welcome! I always enjoy giving a little feedback to the blogs I follow. Afterall, interacting with other bloggers with similar interests from around the world is what makes being on WP so much fun, isn’t it?!
        Oh, I’ll definitely be back every now and then. I very much enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work. 😉

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      • I certainly agree with you. The interactions, if done right, should allow us all to grow with each other! That’s the fun part 🙂

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  2. Sounds like either you have not the right feeling on it or are you afraid of what you really feel? You want it and you push it away; you need it and you just deny it? If you know really what you want … do you? …


  3. apoetic1 says:

    Well I thoroughly enjoyed this piece! I get it – at least my interpretation of it is very clear to me. You want to pour out all you have onto a muse that is a little too “rooted” to give in a bit… to open up to something new and different and fulfilling (just if he’d give it a chance). The ball is in his court because you’ve already shown your light. You can’t force his hand… you can only offer yours, with the promise of abiding newness, hope and opportunity beyond the “known” to which he clings so tightly (however lacking in nourishment that known is). You fall to your knees because you know with all your being that what you offer will be overwhelmingly satisfying… and if he just bothered to recognize the possibilities… the real journey could begin. (my interpretation, anyway) 🙂


    • You’ve done well with your interpretation. A lot of this is open ended. It hasn’t ultimately been decided, and it is intentionally written at times to be misleading as to who is being referred to; Is it I or the other? Am I just looking into a mirror?

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      • apoetic1 says:

        Ooooh… I absolutely love the notion of it being about self. Well, heck, now I like it even more! This is why this craft is so beautiful. A piece can mean so many different things to different people… and then there’s the authored meaning(s). All relevant, engaging and impactful. awesome

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  4. apoetic1 says:

    … just realized I was saying “he”… as I was reading your work in first person 🙂

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  5. M's Journey says:

    We really should collaborate on something. Please see my latest painting here: https://mrmodigliani.wordpress.com/2015/03/21/painting-of-beast/

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  6. itsvishakha says:

    And this touches the soul!!

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