Sweet Dreaming Leaves None

Felt this deserved more love

Dirty Window Pane Poetry - An Experiment

People might not ask, but they do want to know how you feel. It’s this odd thing we do as individuals. Rarely do we reach out beyond, “How are you?”, spending countless moments fretting the emotions of others; whether they have considered similar thoughts to ours.

It builds up with the strength of a great storm, and we wonder why we’re restless. We wonder, “And why is it I can’t stay dreaming when I am tired?” Answer how many times while awake did you consider another’s heart. And what did you do about it? Not anything. You slept. So now you will wake when you try to close your eyes.


I’m here to stay

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7 thoughts on “Sweet Dreaming Leaves None

  1. itsvishakha says:

    Don’t you think its sad in we humans, that we consider our happiness based on others!!

    Like we just be happy and be doped in our own happiness that just at a glance the other falls in love with us just for the happiness we carry?!

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    • I completely agree. It comes down to understanding our own individuality and loving us for the things we are, but because we are not taught this… It takes time

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      • itsvishakha says:

        Maybe it’s not about v being taught about loving self but its just about the other’s pulling us down!! And the gossips we are used too, which gets our focus to the surroundings and not on our basic soul and self!!

        You can correct me if I’m wrong!! 😀


  2. itsvishakha says:

    The quote appearing in the image is so true. Life surprises us when we least expect those moment’s!! Expectations can never cure but spoil the moment!!

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  3. It truly does surprise us when least expected, and that is what makes it a joy to experience 🙂


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