Quotes for Quenching – 4

“The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried.”

― Stephen McCranie

It is more than the sun that wakes us,
It is not the sister moon that pulls us,
Through these nights, throughout life.
We rise because we have embraced;
Into the arms of effort we have leaped

At times to have fallen hard;
Onward we choose to keep.
Yes, when we do step away
It is a decision to begin again

Without fear we have burned the midnight oil.
The concern of those who have not started is long since gone.
Once you make this choice, you will only hunger.
Yes, you must open up your palms to this love;
And remember to give back to this day – More than it could pay

You’d be surprise how much light you give off

How Best To Learn Of Your Magic

I wasn’t always consistent – I was consistent in that though. My thoughts gave birth to a delusion that I unknowingly wedded to truth over a brisk summer bonfire; Inspection of my actions would tell of divergence from the center. I let go of the wheel, and everyone else was screaming. You, finally had enough of me. No one else could drive like I could. We tore through a whole night without direction and things burned; Oh I swear I held the torch, and forgot I was meant to light the way. It was my fault. I was blamed. I take responsibility, if you didn’t know. But the pressure was immense – Is that ever an excuse for falling short, for not having adequate flexibility a breath’s breadth from adversity’s maws? I know I’ll never do so again, but is that still a viable explanation?

I know it doesn’t fix anything. I get it. You don’t get to turn anything back – We don’t turn this ride around.

I saw it all burning. You wanted the joys one sucked from the marrow of life; Marrow is so deep. When you pulled from the stones what you wanted, my understanding was not enough. I could only bare to look for a few moments at the destructive path I had wreaked. I had to divert my eyes. Never again will I stand by without action; Never again will I forge such weaponized words. I’ve hurt enough, and all I want now is to heal.

Who knows how to heal better than the one who has most intimately wielded destruction
Further, who knows best how to destroy than the one who has healed the most devastating of wounds.

I never thought you’d be the one to shoot me; I guess point blank was the only way I’d go.

Quotes for Quenching – 3

“The higher we soar, the smaller we seem to those who cannot fly.” – Nietzsche

So take flight and give no air to the fears of height!
For you are the Übermensch and soar high or die is your life!
Above you is the only code and below you is its like,
Thus you spread your wings over all creations of life!
And within such potential to be found, as the wind you pull from without.
You are the universe, and your perspective should be now

What you can do for your self!

Au Revoir

You’re falling asleep. Come on sleepy head, don’t fall asleep – Get up, come on. I closed my eyes.

Maybe something is wrong with me; You know what happens when you invite doubt to have a drink. The bastard runs with it and next thing you know he’s married to your thoughts; You find yourself double checking things you’re certain of; You find yourself with the right answer afraid to pull the trigger; Aimed at the mark, but you strike just off center.

Come on sleepy head, now you’re falling asleep on me – I wanted to spend time with you, you’re passing out. I know, I know I’m sorry, you said. – It’s okay baby I know you’re busy. It’s okay. I kiss her forehead, and do my best to quell the urge to put my lips on every inch of her tired body.

Lay with me. I want you to lay with me. You’re the palette of the human soul. Everything is waiting on you darling. My heart stays calm, my hands do not shake; It’s entirely clear whoever said it first had to of touched the mud at the bottom. When you meet the right people you will find everything that you had previously felt uncertain about is of no real concern. Take some water, be sure to pace your breathing. You have to take this slow. I’ve gone fast, and you saw where it landed me.

You know me… I don’t mean to be misleading. I don’t intend to say that the right people will always lift you up. Sure, they certainly can, and I know that you’ve at times felt the disillusions diminish; Still, with the bitterest of sweet tastes, circumstance will call us to our best. We will slip, we will fall, often learning more about ourselves as we come down than when we finally begin to climb once more; And most when we crash through what we had thought to be the bottom,

You are so new – Your smell unstained by any past experience – A place in this giant blur that I’ve never known before, but familiar still; Is that even possible? Are you going to heal my soul? Don’t wait up. I didn’t think so. Man I’m so high I think I love you. You probably don’t understand what I mean.

There was something in me I sought to control. I found control was not in my favor. There was something in me I wanted to direct. I found myself hesitant. There was something in me I let flow, and down the river it goes

You probably don’t understand what I mean.

Quotes for Quenching – 2

“How could there be any question of acquiring or possessing, when the one thing needful for a man is to become – to be at last, and to die in the fullness of his being.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Our greatest works,
none shall ever see,
only the resultants,
for they go in dark,
in the light of mind,
When all is quiet, the war will rage on, silent except for mind.
In time, even it too shall come to quiet,
existence all that remains
People keep things bottled up,
no matter how much you tell them
to spill it onto the canvas.

Darks and brights alike
create the true image so when we are done
we have painted with all at our disposal
and it will truly reflect what we wanted
rather than letting the shadows persist,
un-shaped, being allowed to twist

Create thy self and let no one else!

Well You’ve Gone & Stolen The Wrong Pillar

Will you understand it all upon first glance?
No, I doubt it. There is far more here than words.

It is with great irony I believe, that the last thing to leave most of us is our ability to grip this earth; Perhaps it’s so that the stubborn among us will not even upon death grasp the purpose of their life without a fair effort.

We are loving, but together we’re incompatible love – Although recent growth has shown promise of future beauty, your nerves remember; They shutter without speaking, and it is a deep choice to go against fair warning. I am not of such arrogant hubris to request that strength; I would never ask you to travel to such depths. But it is a place with a calming allure; If you ever feel the desire to dip your feet in the water once in a while – Go ahead tell me it ain’t so sweet – I wouldn’t mind feeling a little closer to your side of things when you close your eyes and see the place where you used to be alive.

I don’t remember my dreams when I sleep anymore. I’d like to think that it is because my waking hours are so incredibly exhilarating to each of the senses that there is no need for my soul to dream. I am there in my heaven each moment I am awake, stepping cloud to cloud! It may be that for all I do during the day, my weary mind begs me to give it reprieve; Yes, I always decline, and so it does the best it can quieting the night allowing me to go along the way I have chosen. I do consider my choice here to have potential for alarm. To put your success in the hands of human choice isn’t the most confident of bets – collectively we’ve all made choices; Look at how that turned out. My confidence in myself moving forwards does work to put it all at ease. Observation would tell you I’ve never been one to go for ease though.

I like that side of her; That side that wants to pretend it didn’t happen. That means it did and she’s thinking about it; That means all of this is a hard choice – That means it is something worth considering against the contrary. She was talking, clearly, always clear, but she chose to say this quietly as if to make sure I was really listening – And I was. I didn’t have to listen, but I wanted to. I wanted her to speak until the entire world lay asleep except for me, following the senses through her wooded foothills of cognition. I would give of my time, and keep the ceiling from caving in while she read from her scrolls. Sure the shelves were burning down around us, but this was what I wanted to put it all towards – The preservation of peace and true wonder, a mystery that would never be solved, for a bit longer. Then, without need for anything more, I would leave the woods as sacred as I had found it. I would leave it more peaceful than when I had entered.

No Matter What You Do

Do you see that? The light that envelopes everything. It’s kissing us, laying its hands on us in the most gentle of ways, like the shoulder touches before crumbling into a hug that melts us together like the layers in a grilled cheese – It’s encompassing.

Are you going to say it yet? How long will you hesitate? Yes, it’s hesitation babe. I remember your reaction to the first time I used that word. You lit up, like I gave you the ring, and it was something you wanted to say yes to – So are you going to say it yet?

They say only the good die young; We’ll outlive – Well at least I’ll outlive them all. I know what’s on your breath, I know what you have under your bridge; The arch in your back I slip my hand under doesn’t need support, but this damn touch may sap your keystone’s integrity – Is it not erosion that brings us all back to the soil? It’s not my intention to pull the will from you; You earned your strength, you’ve built your own temple, and it’s magnificence has nothing to do with me.

I decided to not dwell on my situation – Living a drifter’s life. I decided to think about you and how you’re doing. You failed to find a bed didn’t you. I wasn’t looking for a bed as much as I was looking for a story to tell myself. None of this third person bullshit taking me for some lesser perspective. I knew exactly what I was after. I knew some ways I could get it. I just didn’t have the spirit to accept it yet. It’s in there. I don’t know the words, but the feeling that will birth them is in there. That’s right, I’ve done it; Before this and before I die encompasses my entire life. This I’ve told you, that I’ve never babbled, but this comes close. Are you willing to dip yourself into those dark depths, to lay your self upon those razor fangs and accept it?  – The danger of permanent annihilation. You’ll always exist by nature of what things are, but I’m discussing the awful state of being stuck in a loop with no feedbacks. The infinite loss.

You don’t live in the reality of this world! You are barely an extra on reality’s stage! You live your cushioned life, surrounded by everything most people can’t even dream of because they’ve never been privy to such blessings. I’m not talking about the money; You have no money. I’m not talking about the health; but you have your health. I’m talking about acceptance. You are accepted so you don’t know the absence that many do; The Lucky ones know they are ostracized.

Luckily I can accept you; I can accept my position, our circumstance – but I can not accept that you hide from it all; Your actions try me to my mast in the most awful of storms where risking my safety is inextricably linked to the survival of the vessel – If I don’t stay fast, I will be the first and last to see this ship hit the bottom. This goes without saying you would never tie yourself; You would have me to do it for you, and then you’d tell me to stay – Maybe if I was lucky you’d ask me to go afterwards.

To hurt, and have no idea why, now that’s darkness – I was born in it.

That’s When I Knew I Had Done The Worst

If you chase that train – Perfection – You will be chasing it until they bar you in your grave. There is no true release of the throttle; Not until you are coming to a full stop; Even then we’re always looking for a way to keep a little on the gas.

She would watch everything as a peripheral; Her head turned to side as if she was certain of her skepticism. You end up wondering – Would my death be approved? I used to be cynical, you changed that. You really did alter the course I was on with just a bit of hope. People make some dumb fucking decisions. They decide with people who don’t give a fuck about them in mind; They decide based on feeling some sort of obligation created purely by their distorted sense of self. They decide based on fear. With what I learned from you, I won’t make any of those foolish moves.

I was chasing through the city of faith, if I could just reconcile my disbelief with where I had found my feet. She was inked – Far more than the sketches of past lovers covered her skin. Even the hardest of warriors can kneel before the softest of things; Don’t be fooled, this softness is purely out of love – I mentioned once – The fiercest thing I ever felt was her bearing fangs down on me. I quiver at the way I was rounded out, the way I was gleaned from roughness, the way my cracks were filled as she lay atop me pressing into whatever wounds I now have long become one with. That night she gleamed like the crest of a lighthouse from my chest, and still I could only pretend to not be blind to love.

Let me ask you; Would you sell your soul,
You know I can’t help but laugh at this – Wait, let me finish okay?
Go ahead, no you first – I would. You didn’t let me finish,
You know me, whatever you have to say wouldn’t change it,
And I know you, you’d take the risk no matter what – Just to see me first hand

And I might miss you if I start to think of you, and that’s something I don’t wanna do, So I’ll hit up a bottle instead of you, yeah I’m leaving, no going back – Call me weak, but it took incredible strength to pick up another drink. Hell, I was speeding. There was no telling if I could keep it together, and at this point it doesn’t have any consequence since we’re beyond that. You are half of us, but we are enough; We are whole to start like every puzzle fresh out of the box – It just takes time to put together.

Sometimes I Go Driving Just Looking For A Light To Run

Is it fair of you to tell me that you’ll never leave? Is it not until the point that you do; that we realize our fault in using such ignorance to peddle our love. You fucking love me now – You have this now, and I’ve been waiting. This isn’t about timing or making too big of mistakes, it’s about here and now; We are in a tizzy

Sometimes I need to close my eyes until you go away.

She was screaming. I knew this was going to be the way it all turned; I would kill us one day, she said. I would be the death of us. I knew she was in the right – To say that stirred me up, got all my flavors heated. I remember muttering under my breath that night. Drunk, slipping consciousness, drifting in and out – I told her that I might be the one. She wouldn’t hear me that night. I had a chance to tell her later on in a deciding scene for my character; She was so beautiful when she prodded me for what had barely sprouted from my lips. I couldn’t tell her, however that’s not what is important here. I was not of significant dignity to admit it to my own self, yet.

Here I am,
in your arms,
is where I want to be,
hold me close,
give me warmth,
little lady.

I don’t always get around to you. I don’t always show what I should. A lot of the times I hold it all in like a man hunting his survival; Sustenance in mother nature, finger on the trigger, eye barreling down the gun, sights on salvation – as he begins to breathe out ready to claim his days – Revealed is your softness; Fucking hell, there it is in all its’ magnificence – The dawn of a new age, life in the positive direction, like a new born fawn to bless the grounds of our planet. I put my means down, and accept that I have what I need. Perhaps it is okay for me to starve a few desires – Yes, I think it might suffer me some good… So I laid there; Crashed like the wreck of the Hesperus on the reef of Norman’s Woe. It was quiet, the way you would have liked it at one point in time. It was quiet, and all I could think to say was let’s raise children that won’t have to recover from their childhoods. That was a silly dream wasn’t it? But the power it held still keeps me company.


Am I rushing this?
I know I always took it slow,
I’m not capable of policing my own speed like this
Could you please tell me what the posted limit was?

Let’s get this straight; I don’t need any part of you. I’ve got your taste burned into my senses, and can recall it if I ever care to – I won’t look for you anymore. I am the only one in the room, I don’t see you in my peripherals, I don’t ask permission before I take you like Persephone down into the river – I got defensive again. I was a harsh freeze, too cold for you to feel me; Our hands lost their dexterity. I remember one time I was furious, angered, hurting… You guided me down, like the air that slows gravity on a feather, you summoned shields to shelter, you showered me with the deepest soothe for my soul . And just like that it all became smooth. I looked out over the apartment, which was more like a thousand mile gaze into the  expanse that was the universe standing guard at the gate of your soul; Me with nothing in my cup, at the edge of it all and an infinite distance, prepared to make that crossing regardless of the eternities it would take.

Do you see her in any of this? Why do you always ask me that, you know I don’t.
I know you enough to know that despite how hard you’ve tried to hide it; to hide from it is impossible.

Some Are Just Wild And Free

I always wondered when you stopped loving me – I know I haven’t been seeing clearly lately, was it recent? Was it more recent than I’d expect? Or did it happen at some indiscriminate point ?

Well we look, but don’t dare
Touch, unless you like fire,
Unless storms are your forte
Desire like wolf, hungry, acute
Like friction to a match ignite
Turn your bed into an ashtray
Burn everything except our time,
Baby we will use it all wisely,
And wildly like the animals inside me.
Growl, roar, fucking bite me.
I like you feisty, I like you; Devour me.

Is it the birds in you or the cages in me?